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Thread: vlc4iphone v0.9.8 Beta

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    Default vlc4iphone v0.9.8 Beta
    Im only here to spread the news, I havent seen zodttds news up in this site for I while, and I for one support his projects so here is what he said for his newest vlc4iphone!


    While being a bit sick with a bad cold for the past week, I decided to get some work done on vlc4iphone. I have just released vlc4iphone v0.9.8 for firmware 2.0+ to beta testers.

    vlc4iphone is a port of VLC to the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a media player application that supports a wide variety of codecs, such as DivX/XviD, MP3, OGG, FLAC, MOV, WMV, FLV, etc. as well as streaming video and audio via HTTP, MMS, and (experimental) RTSP.

    What's new in this version:
    Now runs on firmware 2.0+.
    Improved user interface.
    Tons of bug fixes.
    Added experimental support for RTSP streaming.
    Improved playback performance in some decoders such as DivX/XviD.

    Things to be aware of in this beta:
    For some users there seems to be some issues with volume in this release. Either volume can't be changed, or there is a complete lack of volume. This is a high priority bug and I'm looking into it.

    Once I iron out these last bugs, a public 1.0.0 release will be made.


    I just tried out the app and it seems to be better then ever!

    Here are some pics of it!

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    No support for 1.1.4??

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    when do you think the 1.0 wil be released
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    Zodttd said he MIGHT be making support for 1.1.4 but since 2.0 came out he said he will be converting the apps mostly on 2.0 since most people moved to 2.0

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    I am still enjoying 1.1.2 please support for 1.1.2 as I love this firmware version.


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    time to move forward.

    2.0.1 working really well here.

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    VLC would be awesome to have on my phone!

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    Asking for 1.1.2 support is like asking for Windows 98 support from a software vendor.
    While you might be very happy with your current FW, one can not expect support for something widely considered to be out dated.

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    Make this good and you will have a donation. I hate the apple propratary format.

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    you should donate anyway, it's only $5 and you get the gameboy advance emulator and turbografx 16 emulator, along with vlc. very worth it in my opinion. havent been able to put down advance wars 2 for a week now.

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    Any chance we'll see some sort of integration with Safari? It would be awesome to be able to click a video in safari and have vlc open up and stream to it, or mp3 or any type of media file for that matter...

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    ...looking forward to it! no more having to convert to .mp4. How is the .avi playback performance in the beta so far?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emir S. View Post
    Asking for 1.1.2 support is like asking for Windows 98 support from a software vendor.
    While you might be very happy with your current FW, one can not expect support for something widely considered to be out dated.
    hmm not quite the same. The difference between 1.0.2 to 1.1.4 is more like service packs. there has really not been that much change with the exception of the additional "user" profile as opposed to using "root". I would not relate window98 upgrade to vista equivalent.

    Personally as I am a Linux user, I would rather user "root" rather than "user". Hence why i am reluctant to switch across. Also changing the password of root on firmware versions above 1.1.2 can result in crashing the iphone.


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    There are quite a few mayor changes between 1.0.2 to 1.1.4 and even more to 2.0.

    Don't forget that that Springboard itself was rewritten almost completly and 2.0 came with native write access (App store) which changes quite a few things in terms of how an app runs.

    My analogy was not to compare the changes to those of WinOS but rather to point out that 1.1.2 is outdated firmware...regardless how much someone might prefer it.

    Zodttd said he will develop for 2.x and only MIGHT consider porting to 1.1.4.

    There is an extremy slim chance he will support 1.1.2 as the app would have to be rewritten quite a bit to make it work.

    BTW, I'm a *nix user as well; currently Kubuntu and Debian unstable.

    User access is much safer then root for reasons O shouldn't have to explain to you...a fellow *nix user.

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    Default Any news on the VLC player?
    Hi all. Has anyone heard anything about the progress on the VLC4iPhone player beta?

    zottd server seems to have been down for some time and I haven't found anywhere else where one can follow the progress on this great app. Can't wait to finally be able to have choices again.....being forced to convert all my material is rather time consuming.

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