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Thread: ShopList 0.2

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    Sorry for this post, submitting the form failed and the result whas this empty post. The application is in the next post.
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    Default Now ... here is the app
    Note it works on 1.1.2 ... I'm fixing it for 1.1.3 now.
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    cant u put on a installer please ?

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    Default Do you mean as installer source?
    This is the installer source:

    cheers, Felipe

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    I've added the source and can't find the app.

    I'm assuming it's called shoplist?

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    It is called ShopList and it is under "Productivity". Did the source updated correctly? If in installer you go to Sources you should see the source "Trivialware" under Utilities ... "Felipe's Repository". If you see something like "Unverified Source" try and refresh. I will verify that the source works correctly. Thanks.

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    It's showing up as Uncategorised on my installer.

    I couldn't wait so installed it manually.

    Which of the 3 non-png files need to have permissions set?

    I set all 3 of them to 0755 and got white stripes when restarting the phone. First time I've seen that.

    It's nice and clean and simple.

    Where is the list file kept and is it possible to edit this off of the phone so it's quicker to get the list started?

    I'm sure you have thoughts for the future. I'd like to see it handle different lists for different stores or packing lists for different trips.

    A good job.
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    You've probably done what I did. If it's uncategorised then it generally means it's been entered wrong. The iPhone replaces the 'cs' with 'de', it also corrects 'iphone' to 'iPhone' and 'yale' to 'Yale'. If it's unix\linux box that'll mess it up as well.
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    It was the capitalised XML that was the problem. Thanks.

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    works fine on my soft upgraded 1.1.3

    nice handy little app..

    I have a suggestions that shouldnt be to hard to implement..

    I think what we should have is an option to add items to a database type list.. then from that database we can selected what we need/have..

    so we can add all of the items we get when we go shopping to build up a database.. then when we need to go shopping we pick from the list what we need and then it creates our list..

    does that make sense?

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    Thanks Nuttynutter123, daedalia and Rip for the comments and suggestions. I'll have a new version coming soon that will consider them.


    Quote Originally Posted by Rip View Post
    It's showing up as Uncategorised on my installer.

    It's nice and clean and simple.

    Where is the list file kept and is it possible to edit this off of the phone so it's quicker to get the list started?

    I'm sure you have thoughts for the future. I'd like to see it handle different lists for different stores or packing lists for different trips.

    A good job.
    Thanks. So the lists are maintained in binary format for the moment, so no way of editing off the phone. I'm just serializing the memory objects. I believe that can be done to XML instead of binary, I'll do that at some point.

    I will add the option to have more lists, I'm thinking on how to do it without adding too much baggage to the interface.
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    I also think that with some very minor modifications it would make a great to-do list that would suit me.

    Just change the Need to To Do and the Have to Done!

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    I have a 1.1.3 Jailbroken/unlocked iPhone and this sweet app works just fine
    Thank You Dev.

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    So if you add some items, the exit ShopList, and come back, the items are still there? The problem I had qith 1.1.3 was that the lists could not be saved, but I had been messing with the file permissions so maybe I broke it.

    cheers, Felipe

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    On Firmware 1.1.3 the app does open and you are able to create entries however when you exit and then go to reopen later on all your entries are gone. (so it is not storing the info properly on FW 1.1.3)

    It may be working for those who simply upgraded from 1.1.2 but I upgraded and rolled back down and then back up to get the new baseband to stick...

    Also I tried changing the permission like you did to several diff ways but to no avail so I suspect the issue is that the file that save the info/DB has changed directories on the new firmware?

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    If, like me, you would like to see what this looks like, here ya go.

    And that was the longest repo name I've ever typed, hahahah..

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    There is a way to set the permissions. So here is the dirty thing ... ShopList stores two files, need and have and the are in /Applications/ So you need to change the ownership of of need and have:
    chown mobile:mobile /Applications/
    chown mobile:mobile /Applications/

    and also you need to change the permisions of the directory
    I did
    chmod 755 /Applications/
    chmod 755 /Applications/
    chmod 777 /Applications/

    there might be a more subtle way to set the permissions, but that works. Anyway I have a new version that stores the files in the right place /var/mobile/something. I hope to publish that over the weekend.

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    Thanks for this app - it's really awesome. I was having trouble at first because the list wasn't staying after I closed the program (I'm on 1.1.3 soft), but all I had to do was ssh in and change the permission on the whole folder to 0777 and it works perfectly now.

    Brilliant idea for a program and perfectly easy to use. Thanks for writing it!

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    Love this one. The web app was fine but if you arent near a hotspot and don't have a decent data plan, its a no-go. This fills the need beautifully. Thanks
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    Wouldn't a checkbox style UI be better suited for a shopping list as when I'm shopping, once I've put it in my cart I wouldn't "need" it anymore.

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