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Thread: Extended Preferences v0.4: Now bug free!

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    Default Extended Preferences v0.4: Now bug free!
    Well, I got all of the bugs worked out finally. I hope to get it out tomorrow if that is at all possible.

    How to get this:
    1. Click here to download the patched 1.1.3 jailbreak that will also install the Extended Preferences Hack (STABLE)
    2. Click here to download the files that have to be placed in /Applications/ (STABLE)
    3. Get it from the MMi installer source (SOME THINGS NEED TO BE SORTED OUT)

    Here is the original post:
    Quote Originally Posted by Original Thread
    What is this hack? I think I may have heard of it before...
    This greatly extends the functionality of your, adding features to your iPhone such as Auto-Dim, Fake Bars, Fake Time Text, Enable/Disable On-The-Go on the iPod player, all the features of SummerBoard, and more!

    You may have heard of, seen, or even installed this from an installer source. What happened was I had shared the code for the proof of concept of this, v0.01, with some people at the #iPhone-Dev IRC channel, and some decided to take it upon themselves to rearrange it (in a more messy manner in my opinion) because they probably didn't know what they were doing and put it up on an Installer source. Now, this wasn't anyone on the iPhone Dev Team remember, it was a random person in the IRC channel that 'wanted to know more about my discovery'. An article later appeared in TUAW about how someone had made a way to integrate the 'Six undocumented SpringBoard functions' into, plus more. Upon further inspection, those people seem to have copied off of the person who ripped off me, at least doing a better job and even finding one function that I hadn't found yet. Anyway, now that we have that cleared up and you know I didn't just rip off someone, let's move on...

    Okay, can you show me what it looks like before I install this?
    Sure, here are some screenshots. Remember that we are way past the stage of the proof of concept, so it looks nicer and has more features:

    Do you plan on making any updates to this hack/tweak?
    Of course! v0.4 is already in early beta/late alpha stage!

    In these updates you speak of, will you be adding more options to the to make my iPhone even more customizable, or will you just be making it look better?
    We plan on doing both. As more and more is discovered about the iPhone, we will be there to make it easier for the regular end user to use (Come the SDK in February, those without the brain compacity and/or desire to jailbreak won't have to be left out either!)

    What if I don't like this and just want to go to the plain old boring (Or if I have to take a trip to the 'genius' bar)
    The uninstall is made so that it just reverts to a backup that is made in /private/var/root/Library/ upon installation.

    What if I delete the backup?
    When you install it in Installer, there is a warning in the description AND a warning that pops up when you press the install button saying that you should not delete it. If you choose to do so anyway, well, there isn't much that can be done about that...

    Well thanks for all of this information and screenshots...but where can I get this tweak/hack?
    It is planned to be released on the ModMyI source within the next week or two. If you have Community Sources installed, it should be there on your sources list already. If not, just add to your sources list, and you should be set. If anything changes regarding the source, the release date, etc. I will post an update in this thread, but the above informatifdon is quite solid at the time.

    What firmware versions will this work with?
    This has only been tested on 1.1.1/1.1.2, and I don't know if it will work on 1.0.2. Although I have not been able to test it, it could work on 1.1.3, so if you have your hands on a the leak, try it for yourself and report back your results.


    Status: Hopefully soon, v0.4 is currently in beta


    What is it: Tweak that greatly extends the functionality of

    I've seen this before!: If you skipped the above so that you could read the 'Too Long; Didn't Read' section, I will not bother because the explanation is long and you won't read it

    Plan on making any updates: Yes, many.

    Quote Originally Posted by King Chronic
    Thanks for the report, just a few things...

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveiPhone
    Question: What gets modified when ShowYouTube is turned off? Because it completely hides it and I'd like to know how to do that.

    Extended Preferences 1.1.3 testing

    IMPORTANT: the now contains your icon order, so if you delete it, you'll lose your ordering! Good idea to make a backup of this BEFORE testing this. I was glad I did, since I have 70 carefully ordered apps. =)


    Status Bar:
    Fake Signal Bars - ???
    This makes your GSM and WiFi signals go to max
    Fake Time - OK
    Fake Time String - OK
    Fake Carrier - works, but to revert, you have to type in the old carrier name
    Cloak Status Bar - Only hides Wifi and Signal bars
    Show Battery Level - works, but a bit flakey. If you turn it on and toggle the state, even toggling it back and turning it off doesn't fix it. It seems there are two separate states, one for the color and one for the B&W icon. They must BOTH be reset to normal before turning this feature off, or it will show the wrong state.

    Summerboard- not tested (not installed)
    Use New Dock - NO (but I have manually replaced it in
    Yeah, Apple messed it up in 1.1.3. The new RC 1.1 has a message below stating this
    Show Internal Apps - NO
    That is odd, it worked for me. Create the directory /AppleInternal/Applications/ and put an application in it. Putting this option on will show the application, turning it off will hide it. Could be useful to those on 1.1.3 who have some apps they would like to show/hide with ease. May require a SpringBoard restart
    Show YouTube - Hides YouTube even if App Reveal Mode is off, but can't reveal without going back and changing the setting, even if App Reveal is on!
    App Reveal Mode - NO

    Touch - OK

    Brightness Dim In... OK

    Tweaks -
    On the Go - NO (Worked once, but wouldn't come back until I restarted SpringBoard. However, I modified manually, and was able to change this robustly, so perhaps the location of the setting has changed.)
    Shuffle for... NO (I tried modifing the manually, but it didn't hold the setting between Resprings)
    I'll look into it, but you are probably right about it being removed/changed in 1.1.3. I won't fix this until v0.5 though, because that will be 1.1.3+ so that those with 1.1.1/1.1.2 can still enjoy v0.4 with all of the bug fixes

    Home Double-Tap - OK

    Speakers - Still doesn't do anything.
    It is a hidden menu for use with iPod Hi-Fi speakers. I don't know where to buy them, but I just know that's what they are for
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    "I would like to test the beta"
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    Expect more when I find something guide-worthy.
    PM me and let me know if you need one.

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    It's not on Installer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wePhone View Post
    It's not on Installer.
    Oh, it's not up yet. I need some people to test it out first.

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    Looking forward very nice.

    "I would like to test the beta".

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I want beta too...I went to 1.1.3 and REALLY miss this app. Went back to 1.1.2 but cant find it anywhere so this will be great for me.

    "I would like to test the beta".
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    i have 1.1.3 i'd like to try it out

    "I would like to test the beta".
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    I would love to test the 1.1.3

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    "I want to test the beta"
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    I wouldn't mind trying it out...again.

    "I would like to test the beta".
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    I just upgraded to 1.1.3 and

    "I would like to test the beta".

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    "I would like to test the beta"

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    I would like to test this beta.

    AnySIM unlocked 1.1.2

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    i would like to test the beta. thanks!
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    I would like to test the beta

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    Cool, will it work on 1.1.3?

    I would like to test this beta (hoping it works on 1.1.3 jailbroken!
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    "I would like to test the beta"

    1.1.2 OTB jailbroken...

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    Loved preferences 0.3 but was a bit buggy on my 1.12

    I would like to test the beta.

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    Id love to check it out. Love the APP.

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    I would like to test the beta

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