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Thread: iRection or iBooby

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    Default Jiggles
    UPDATE: Find it on under "Toys"

    Check out

    I'm announcing the public release of a fun toy/game I made over the last few weeks. Use it by shaking and touching your phone.

    I would like to thank the MMI admins, francis, and everyone else who has supported me.

    "Strike Below" (Howdo I do this?)
    Also if you need help installing it, please pm me since it won't be under the community sources anytime soon.
    Apparently many people have found it Not Safe for Minors, I respectfully disagree and invite you to try it out. I'll bet that after trying it you'll have to agree that it's a great application of the iphones modern input interface and just generally fun to place with.
    Please make any requests especially those that would help make it Safe for the General Population... (Seriously if a child saw a cartoon tittie he probably would just flip out, especially with all that REAL porn on the internet)

    And if you like it please show your support!
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    Haha very funny!

    Petition to get on installer!

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    Default tried this?
    has anyone tried installing this?

    lots of views, not much comments.

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    the link doesnt work

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLtotheU View Post
    the link doesnt work
    Yea I'm not sure exactly what's happening, I've been told the same thing from at least one other person... Maybe the domain still hasn't propagated yet (just registered it two days ago)...

    Try accessing it through (an anonymous proxy). I believe that worked for at least one person...

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    works fine with ty. but i expected something totally different
    A*obe CS3 by ubik "teh CS3 iPhone theme":

    My FW way:
    1.1.1 JB/unlocked ->1.1.3 JB/unlocked ->1.1.1 locked ->1.0.2 JB/unlocked ->1.1.1 JB/unlocked. ->1.1.2 JB/locked fxxcked up not booting ->
    1.1.1 JB/unlocked ->1.1.2 JB/unlocked ->update to 1.1.3 JB/unlocked ->1.1.3 JB/unlocked fxxcked up, spinning wheel of death ->
    restore 1.1.3-> 1.1.3 JB/unlocked.

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    double post
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    That is too funny...another great useless app! HAHAHA I love it.....3rd nipple thing is a little wierd though. I had thought about something like this before but wanted to do it with a realistic set. Sorta like a .gif I had seen that had some nice jiggle to it.
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    Hilarious app!! My girlfriend loved it. I am going to try to find some other funny apps now.

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    Put it on your own repo with ADULT in the title or something... yes? no?

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    ^^ B/c that will definitely keep the kids out
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    I just found it in installer calles jiggles?

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    Jiggles is the name for the Installer version. The free "NON Safe-For-Work" version can still be found at the above website as iRection, but I'm thinking I will change that name too. Any suggestions?

    Also I don't want to start a new thread until some new features come out, so even though I tried to change the original thread name, I couldn't (understandably). But the Safe-For-Work (SFW) will go under the name Jiggles!!!!

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    Double Post
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    make it so its on a girl

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