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Thread: Blank Webclip for Winterboard / Summerboard / 2.0

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    OK i just understood what it is lolzz i thought it was a hack to have first blank page, infact it is just blank icons lolzz

    Hope there were will be an automatic way to have blank page in futur

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    Thank you SO much

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    i downloaded the new blank web clips but when i put them on my iphone i only got 4 bank web there anyway that i can get more?


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    is there anyway i can do it with out ssh because i dont have wifi

    and my phone doesnt screen shot

    2.1 jb qwkpwn
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    Do the webclips launch Safari? If they do then I think this is a better method:


    Here is how I do it. I think this method is better than setting up transparent icons for apps or using steffwiz's blank apps. If you tap on those they both launch programs, steffwiz launches safari and the transparent icon would launch whatever app you have set as transparent. This will appear to launch something, but it will exit immediately, much cleaner in my opinion in case you accidentally tap on one of them.

    First, download the file I have attached to this post. Extract it.

    Then, SSH into your phone and navigate to the / folder and then go into the Applications folder.

    Upload the folder that you extracted from the zip file and chmod the folder recursively to 755.

    Now reboot/respring your iPhone and the Blank dummy app should be there. You won't be able to see it, but if you place your finger on the next empty spot next to your last icon on your home screen it should cause your other icons to wiggle.

    If you want more than one do not just copy to the Applications folder again. Read the DIRECTIONS.png that is included in the zip. You have to change the lines shown in bold and you have to rename the folder accordingly before uploading;,, etc etc.

    TROUBLESHOOTING (if you can't find the blank icon on the screen):

    When I first installed these I couldn't get the blank dummy icons to show up no matter what I tried. The problem was Boss Prefs, make sure they are not set to hidden in Boss Prefs Poof functionality. If they are set to ON and they still aren't showing up then try to reinstall Boss Prefs and they should show up. I recently restored my iPhone and when I reinstalled my dummy apps they weren't showing up even though they weren't set to hidden in Boss Prefs, so I reinstalled Boss Prefs and they magically showed up. Might work for you too, if you did all of the other steps correctly.
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    cool thanks man...been reckin mi head for ages to get this efect, u saved me alot of stress and they work really good...

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    dieburnbot, thanks for the instructions and the provided file to be able to do this, but for some reason the blank app won't show on my iphone, i've installed BossPrefs, checked the poof settings, then reinstalled BossPrefs, and set the permissions on the folder (and the files inside) to 755, and its placed in the right directory. It would be awesome if you or anyone else could help me, I've been looking for a way to have an empty springboard without the blank icon launching safari or any other app

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    hello. can anyone tell me how can i ssh my iphone with ....

    whats that program name ???

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    cyberduck for the mac....winscp for windows

    You did see the date on this thread???

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    yes i see.. but i'm lost for win 7 works?

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    i will give this a try tonight since "gridlock" isnt doing it for me after the jailbreak

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