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Thread: Funiculus Guitar Tuner 0.22 out - new hands free mode

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    Default Funiculus Guitar Tuner 0.42 - now on Installer
    A new version of Funiculus Guitar Tuner (version 0.22) is available for download on the SourceForge project page...(probably via Installer within the next day). This new version includes a note auto-detection mode.
    See the Funiculus homepage for details.


    (Update : 0.42 is on Installer...see later messages)
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    Nice! Although you say that not that much has changed, this version seems like a big step forward both aesthetically and functionally!

    The note auto-detection works pretty well, but at least on my Taylor 612C, it seems to often detect the 5th or octave instead of the primary note. I'm wondering if perhaps doing some preliminary filtering on the higher end of the spectrum might help. Maybe analyze the sensitivity of the iphone mic with a tone generator and then apply a filter accordingly. It never seems to guess lower incorrectly, so perhaps just looking for the lowest frequency present above a certain threshold might help... Just some ideas, I could be talking out my a**.

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    No, that's a valid approach, but I fear that the sensitivity in the low E range is probably way too close to zero to depend on for tuning. (The speaker also drops off around that pitch.) So for the low E string, for now it's best to ignore the note readout and pretend it is measuring the fundamental. It tunes one of its overtones, but that should work. I may have it look at multiple peaks and calculate what the fundamental is based on that, even though it still tunes with the overtone.

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    awesome JLA. hey are you still looking for guitar samples or is that over with now that you have imp'd the autodetect in your program?

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    No, I found some on the Internet for the initial phase. What would be most helpful for me right now is if some people who have tested the new version to leave the following feedback : what string is misregistering (e.g. Low E) and more importantly, what note low E is registering as. I want to see what kind of variation there is in this from guitar to guitar. If you are able to, please leave this feedback on the Funiculus homepage (no login required)...I'd like to get all this data in a central location.


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    Default New version - 0.42
    ================================================== =====
    A new version of Funiculus - 0.42 - is out. It is currently available on the Funiculus homepage:, and it will probably be on Installer soon.

    Autodetection mode is much more accurate, and there are new graphics.

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    Default Funiculus 0.42 on Installer
    ================================================== ===
    Funiculus 0.42 has made it up on Installer. It says iPhone only, but I have been told by the people at TouchMods that their external microphone allows it to work on an iPod Touch. They made a video:

    [ame=""]Link to video[/ame]

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    Default Version 0.50 soon to be released
    I'm going to release a new version of Funiculus in a few days, and I've made some rather large changes. In addition to the graphics, there is a whole new note detection algorithm that works a whole lot better than the previous one. And because it works better, I've decided to get rid of the old manually-choose-the-string-by-pressing-a-button system. Of course, I realize that a lot of people don't have the strings memorized, so I guess I'll have to add some type of chart in there somehow.

    And I will need to change the "Guitar Tuner" part of the isn't restricted to works on a whole lot of musical instruments, possibly about all that would need tuning. However, calling it "Funiculus Instrument Tuner" sounds like it calibrates pressure gauges. "Music Tuner" sounds sort of like an FM tuner...does anyone have any suggestions? (Funiculus is latin for cord...i.e. guitar I guess that's a little out of date as well, but I'm going to stick with it anyway.)

    So if anyone has any suggestions that haven't been implemented, even if you've made them before, please let me know. Seeing as how the iPhone is pretty powerful (even though the mic isn't great), I think I can make this into one of the best tuners ever (hardware or software), and if not, certainly the best free tuner. (It's obviously not there yet...)

    To check out a screen shot of the new version, visit:

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    I love it John, I'm looking forward to it!

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