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Thread: PocketGuitar - the Virtual Guitar

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    That's a really good implementation of the fret and string position.

    There were a couple of posts about pull offs not working. They do, but not to an open string. I'm sure that's easily sorted though.

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    I wish I could play guitar, this is really cool. I hoocked it up to my home entertainment system and it sounds great. Even the electric bass sounds perfect, btw have a 12" subwoofer. Also the beatphone app sounds great that I tried some time ago. V 0.2 works with no problems. Thanks shinya.

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    PocketGuitar + Youtube = I can now play Sweet Child o' Mine!

    Thanks for this app, its really given me a new appreciation for my iphone. I've never played the guitar, but after mimicking that Edge U2 song posted earlier up I got hooked and decided to have a go with another song!

    This is a great application for exercising your muscle memory.

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    where do i get this?

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    Its either on the podmap repo 0.2 or MMi's repo 0.1

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    Update on Installer now.

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    am I the only one who cant find this "toys" section to get this community source thing?? I just want this iGuitar but it seems to be shrouded in secrecy on how to obtain it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post
    Update on Installer now.
    I just tried updating my sources and I didn't notice the .02 version of PocketGuitar up under MMI's source. I had to add to see it, and interestingly, under toys I now show version .01 and .02.

    Just wanted to share this bit of info incase anyone else can't get their .02 sorted.

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    poetic_folly, thanks for updating it!

    Just as I did in 0.1, I planned to remove it from my repo once it's available in MMi repo because it looks confusing if you see 2 PocketGuitars in the Installer. However, the old installation instruction using repo are copied everywhere and I've seen so many people saying "added repo, but can't find it under Toys category", so I'll keep a copy in my repo.

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    Version .2 is really great and far more playable,but I find it's very hard to avoid changing the volume accidentally. It would be great if you would move the control into preferences.

    Also, any chance of disabling the rocker switch on the side of the phone? I accidentally change my ringer volume while playing too.


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    I am sorry but, HOW THE HELL DO I GET THESE APPS TO WORK??????? The instructions on here make about as much sense as Rosie O'Donnell at a Donald Trump convention. Maybe I'm just dumb but someone pleeeaase help me out! How do I get this "" thing and what-not?

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    how do you install this thing plz help me

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    From Installer...

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    I love this app, it is absolutely fine as it is. But, in the future if you release an update, if it isn't to hard maybe you could add the banjo? Feel absolutely free to laugh at me if adding instruments is retardedly hard.

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    v0.2 is great! The new fretboard settings make a huge difference. The "guitar" is now much more playable. And the cool GUI is very effective (adjust the neck, fretboard & bridge). It's makes for such a good "fit" that some might not need to look at the screen to play

    Earlier, I had posted some ideas, like the scrolling fretboard. And after reading the roadmap to future releases, it was hard not to become inspired. So here are some more ideas... Not all are truly original (full credit to others) -- take whatever works best & discard the rest:

    * Change the string "picking" style to a finger-swiping motion:
    - Use the motion's velocity to dynamically control volume/attack, similar to a MIDI keyboard

    * Add more finger gestures for the "picking" hand:
    - Mute a string by resting a finger on it
    - Perform "pick scrapes" by dragging a finger down the length of a string
    - Use finger-tapping motions for other special effects (partial mutes, harmonics, etc.)

    * Use accelerometer motions to dynamically control:
    - Note bends (up & down)
    - Expression/wah effects (left & right)

    * Replace the volume fader with small menu buttons for:
    - Tunings (normal, flat, drop-D, open, custom, etc.)
    - Controls (pickup selector, volume & tone knobs, etc.)
    - Effects (filter, amp/speakers, modulation, delay, reverb, etc.)

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    Another idea, auto-chord... Choose a key under settings and press just the root note while playing, the app do the rest (minor or major based on the key).

    Great app!! thanks shinya!

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    After updating to v0.2 the app lost her sound.
    anyone have the v0.1 ?

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    I'm afraid that I don't have an idea why upgrading to 0.2 makes no sound. 0.1 can be downloaded directly from here:

    Unzip it and copy directory to /Applications on your iPhone.

    Quote Originally Posted by simonsix View Post
    After updating to v0.2 the app lost her sound.
    anyone have the v0.1 ?

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    Exclamation Does This App Work On 1.1.3
    I tried to use this app on my jailbroken 1.1.3 but it just crashes right after i launch it. Does this just happen to me or is it not 1.1.3 compatible?

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    This worked straight out of Installer for me on my Official JB 1.1.3-3 phone. The symptom your describing is a permissions problem most likely. Try giving the app and it's contents 755 or 777 permissions.

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