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Thread: [New Game Port]Yeti3D for iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmarco71 View Post
    A quick note about a new update of Yeti3D

    - new UI with Health, Ammo and a map slice
    - now enemies move smoother and they got light from environment
    - now enemies can kick you (till you die)

    Ah - now source works (it was the backslash issue in the zip that prevented this to work in the first place)
    This is the direct link for the zip file:

    BTW: this is STILL a work in progress - that means that there's still the same level, same gfx (I've asked some friends to work on that) and no new objects on the ground (so if you run out of ammo you won't find it anywhere - and when you're dead you're simply dead)

    Anyway - if you want to give it a try - and to leave a comment I'll appreciate :-)

    Id like to see a better control scheme and maybe some online play

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    I would love to see horizontal mode and a better controller concept more fitted for the iPhone. Maybe use something more familiar to a joystick.

    Here's an idea i had for iPhone Doom (but dunno if i remembered to post it in their wiki):

    It opens up the possibility for different thrust, and you don't need to look at the corner for the exact location of keys. You know it's there somewhere.

    I hope this gets to grow into something real and enjoyable.

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    Thanks for your words :-) - and for your suggestions too. I'll release a new version soon (now I'm working on a little editor for levels) that should do the step forward to make this app a real game (I mean - some first bonus for health and ammo - and the way to restart the game when you're dead). Then I'll add a better AI for enemies and more stuff.
    I'll try that thumb idea you told me (I've already tried something similar but it gives me problem - because that way - my humble opinion - you cannot handle well the STOP issue - I mean, to stop you have to take your thumb off - then relative position is a bit a mess - anyway I'll try again - to see if I can do something better)

    BTW: yes - I'm a programmer (I mean - that's my real job) - even if I deal with computational linguistic - not with games. This is an hobby :-)
    And for Yeti3D - please remember that I'm working on a very great base (all my app starts from the porting of an existing 3d engine)

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    I am running it on 1.1.1 and it works great. Landscape mode works also. The only thing is for my taste a little to dark, the first version was easier to see. Good work keep it up please. I noticed also that nobody thanked you yet so I will be the first. Amo runs out fast, a hack for unlimited amo would be good for us trigger happy folks. Thanks again for your work.

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    Default Update :-) (0.0.24)
    Hello :-)
    I've done another little update - a step forward to start to get a complete game cycle. I think I've improved the brightness issue AND the virtual pad issue (even if the latest one is not 100% ok, I think) - when you kill enemies you get bonus (ammo bonus - for now - but I'll add even the infinite ammo option in a near future) - and I fixed/added a lot of other small things (health/ammo windows can shrink - if you click on the map you go in Pause mode...).
    If you want to try it - I've updated the file linked to my installer source (
    Ah - not so important - but now I added a Yeti3D "official page" on my site - in english:
    Thanks for you time and your useful suggestions :-D

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    looking great! with each update there have been excellent changes! keep up the great work
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    Nice work! this has moved from being a cool novelty to being fun to actually play. It would be nice to be able to find and pick up more ammo instead of always having to kill. =)

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    Great improvements. Almost a shame you got rid of sprites as I was thinking about a Marathon skin.

    How about the option to flip the controls which would benefit lefties and those who want to use their right hand for the movement.

    Bad guys don't show up on the map.

    What about save spots?
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    This is terrifically cool so far! I'm no coder so I think that absolutely everything you've done here is nothing short of miraculous, personally.

    My issues involve navigating and aiming. Those movement "bars" are so narrow right now that I'm having trouble hitting them exactly right. A hair above or a fraction below and I don't turn at all which, needless to say, is a little frustrating when one of those nasties is pounding the crap outta me from behind : )

    As far as aiming goes, I'm just not getting the hang of it and the fact that the movement controls are currently so narrow means I keep mistaking them for weapons crosshairs (you the heat of the moment). It'd be very helpful if there were a small crosshair in the middle of the frame to help illustrate where the shots will go.

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    Hello - long time no see :-P - while I'm still working to add features to Yeti3D engine - I've made a small game to test better game controls. It's called iPac3D and it's a Pac Man clone. No weapon here - to finish levels you have just to wander around eating pills (cubes...) and avoiding foes :-)

    Not finished - but "complete" as game loop (lives, score, death and so on). Just 4 levels now (but increasing as size and difficulty)

    Anyway - I'm making it to try different gaming controls - so it's worth a moment (I think) to check options (best - I think - is Splitted Pad options that I think will become my choice for Yeti).
    Ah - if you want to have a bit of "fun", try using accelerometer :-). You can also turn on "sounds" in game (still working on it - now you got just a sound when you eat a pill)
    I added "left handed" option as suggested .-D

    If you want - let me know what you think about that.

    web page:


    direct link:

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    Hey, Marco! Thanks for great game!

    Using accelerometer is such a bright idea. May I only suggest yet another way of setting controls, that would combine usin accelerometer and on-screen keys. I think, it would be more convenient (at least for me) to use accelerometer for moves forward or backward while using on-screen keys for turning left or right.

    By the way, one hint for users like me, who updated to 1.1.3 firmware, but can't properly launch the game: you should change permissions of /private/var/root folder on your device (to, say, 777) to give the application ability to read from its resources folder.

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    Probably the coolest game/app thus far on the iPhone...My suggestion would be to use the accelerometer for view and a box on the lower left of screen for movement. This could allow movement in all directions. And perhaps bigger buttons for firing and jumping. I think this may be the platform to launch really cool games. Keepup the good work.

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    Wow, i love this game.
    Runs very well. I hope you add more stuff in the future.
    But its very good and fun.

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    got this like, the first hour it came out =]

    pretty cool, anddd its in the first row of my springboard =] hah

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    I wish had the controls this game has

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    another way you could control the game is by somehow implementing a 'control pad' that does not have a fixed position. instead movement could be achieved by moving a finger on the screen and the amount of movement would be calculated relative to the spot the finger was first placed. it would be like playing your game with the option of the virtual pad turned off where one could still move but not having a d-pad in sight. this way, one could play the game without looking at the screen while having more control than using the accelorometer.
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    i agree with most that this is a cool app. by far the best tried in the category of games. graphics r quite nice. as someone earlier pointed out that the problem is gameplay. the controls r small and pressing them just when needed proves difficult, especially when trying to figure out which direction is the monster is killing u from . also some more additional controls like side-stepping & squattig should be added (if possible) so movements & aiming can be better controlled. of course i m sure that other niceties & features like score, levels, weapons etc. will be logically added by u. but even at present stage its a great game.

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