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Thread: Listen - iPhone Song Recognition

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    Thumbs up Listen - iPhone Song Recognition
    From Erica Sadun, this sweet new app does the following:

    "Install it on your iPhone, get near music and run it. It will sample the music for 5 seconds and then attempt to contact the id server. If it succeeds, great, you’ll see the song, artist and album. If it fails, nothing happens. You just wait 30 seconds and if you haven’t gotten an ID, quit and restart the program."

    So far, it's recognized "Big Poppa" for me successfully and I'm trying more right now. Would be AWESOME for those songs on the radio/in the restaurant/at the bar, etc that you can't pin down.

    Download it here
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    sweet....found Smack That by Akon and Eminiem =D sick
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    works amazingly well on my phone. i have tried about 20 songs so far and it found 18 of them. about half of the songs were not mainstream either. One thing i did notice so far is it didn't not detect just instruments very well, but if the lyrics are going it detected it right away.

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    This is so cool. Tried it with my daughters Lazytown CD and it even got those correct .
    This is cool for us in the UK as there is already an app on any phone that can do this but you get charged 50p if it gets it correct. So now it costs nothing as its in the data plan.

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    for people who are crashing, install all of erica's utilities.

    i think she relies on something from there. it crashed for me until then.

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    I am on 1.1.1 and Listen works fine even without Erica's Utilities installed.

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    Listen crashed after a few tries on 1.1.2 and now the speaker doesn't work anymore. Anyone else got the same problem?

    edit: After 1 reboot he was still off, but 3 solved it. He's on again. Never had a speaker issue before. I don't know whether it was associated with Listen (besides the time it did happen).
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    If this crashes back to the Apple logo, just leave it for a looooong time (about 2-3min).
    It will load back into Springboard eventually. This has only happened once so far.

    Great app!

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    wow this is better than verizon's thing. it even recognizes trance/techno songs too

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    Quote Originally Posted by brettt View Post
    for people who are crashing, install all of erica's utilities.

    i think she relies on something from there. it crashed for me until then.
    On what firmware you are on??

    Iam on 1.0.2 and when i start it, record some music , i got the text that it contact the server for 2 second and then it quits the app, back to my springboard.

    Did you have this same problem?? I use it with GPRS instead of wifi. Is that the problem???

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    Can someone please confirm that it works via edge?

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    Works pretty good, just like my rogers service.

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    Works great with wifi, and it works alright with EDGE (a little slow for my taste but works non the less) all in all a must have for any iphone user in my opinion..

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    Great App I love it!

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    wow what an insane app

    is this only voice recognition?
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    What a GREAT APP, works great on WIFI and Edge Great JOB to the developer

    Can you add

    -Link to maybe Seaqpod to download the song if we choose to our Iphone with the historyDL plugin
    -Maybe a Save button of the Info on your Phone for later use when you get home too
    -Maybe Lyrics tied to a lyrics program like lyrics or tunewiki
    -Maybe a format layout like the currently playing APP

    Thanks again!!

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    The amount of recognition is astounding! I don't know what database is doing the actual ID, but this is very cool stuff, and a nice addition to the phone.

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    Awesome frickin app, has worked on just about every song i have tried. Seems like it likes to listen through a speaker that isn't playing the music very loud.

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    im on edge running 1.1.2 firmware, and it says "finished recording. Contacting info server." Then it just stays there
    Could be the edge connection, not sure though.

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    In answer to my own question earlier, it appears that it queries:


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