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Thread: SyncJe for iPhone - Wireless sync of contacts, calendar, notes

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    ive also given up on receiving any kind of suport. i did get a couple of mails in repsonse but they were like automated with 10 questions and telling me i had been upgraded to defcon orange or something.

    anyway, im sticking with the old version, the only one that syncs things properly, and just waiting to see what happens when DST changes.

    i was impressed by Lou when he was answering questions on here, but now the cynic in me thinks that was just for the prupose of promoting the upcoming release.

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    I too have not received any support and still cannot sync to scheduleworld

    I also still have not heard back about my license since when I upgraded I had to uninstall and reinstall this app

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    Yes, I had to do that as well. But I sent them two email (I ahve two liceneses), and I got an email back within about an hour saying my account has been "reset" and that I should try again. It worked perfectly after that.

    I haven't had any experince with scheduleworld, sorry!
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    what version do you use? Is it possible to send me your working /Applications/ as a zip file? (my only version for going back is 1.0.3 but with this version, I have the same problems with scheduleworld etc)

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    sorry man, doesnt work for me anymore after i had to restore. now cant get past "Alert command not accepted"

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    Are you using GooSync? If so, it detects it as a new device, and you will have to delete the device from your account, and add it again. This may apply to many other services as well. Check your log, it'll say that the IMEI changed (on GooSync).
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    yeah thanks ksong. i realised it might be that. so i reset the device in goosync and its alll good again. except im back on a 15 day trial cos the registration key wont work. but at least Nexthaus returned my email about that.

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    Default SyncJe for iPhone 1.1.2 (with AutoSync) is live
    Hi all,

    Just wanted to drop a quick line that SyncJe for iPhone 1.1.2 is now live!

    The biggest new feature is AutoSync. You can now set your iphone to sync automatically on a schedule.

    The iPhone page has been greatly enhanced, including help and email subscriptions so you can be notified of updates instantly.

    Version 1.1.2
    - Automatic Sync! The iPhone will sync automatically at your set interval. The iPhone must be "awake" to sync.
    - Fixed some events being synced off by one hour.
    - Fixed some event alerts not being activated.
    - Fixed some fields not syncing properly.
    - Enhanced error reporting.
    - Minor bug fixes.

    NOTE: If you encounter an error during installation like "Main script couldn't execute", please ensure that you have the following apps up to date:
    -Installer app
    -BSD subsystem
    -Open SSH

    Once updated, restart the phone, then try to install SyncJe again.

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    Thank you so much!

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    SyncJe for iPhone is still very much Beta code. I have been back and forth with Nexthaus for over a week and it's buggy. So if you have a schedule that doesn't allow for calender mistakes you should wait.
    Some Issues
    1) I've installed 1.1.2 and it still shows up as uninstalled in the installer. I had to try to install 4 times before it got past the install error even with the NOTE from Lou above.
    2) You still have to touch the 'Sync' button on the iPhone multiple times before it will sync.
    3) Some meetings are out 3 hours and some aren't.
    4) All Day meetings don't sync properly. They become 12am to 12pm meetings, which changes how they show up in your calender. Doesn't seem compatible with the 'all-day' feature for iPhone. This is made worse when you get the 3 hour shift
    6) Notes (Tasks) sync doesn't sync to iPhone Notes. I don't know where this sync goes??
    7) Sync with WIFI the first time, it's a long process and could be costly depending on you cell plan.

    What's right:
    1) Auto feature is great.
    2) Simple to configure.
    3) Does contracts well.

    Lot's of potential....but still Beta
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    stupid application . no sync for music

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    Quote Originally Posted by slaich2000 View Post
    stupid application . no sync for music
    hhhhmmmm... dumb a$$ comment... there was never an intention for music sync, thats what iTunes is for. This was for you PIM to be synced wirelessly... Nothing more. Before criticizing, show an attempt of developing an app does what ever it is you want it to do, and have the community give feedback on it. Till then, dont come here with your lil 8 posts and start knocking shyt thats been here b4 you even decided to get an iPhone.
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    I got my Google Calendar wirelessly sync with my iPhone by using GooSync.

    I need help to sync my Gmail Contacts wirelessly (I tried ScheduleWorld but it does not work at this time, per ScheduleWorld support).

    Did anybody get syncje to work with the Gmail Contacts?


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    What's Jailbreak?
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    For anyone having the issue with "Main Script Execution Failed", I was able to solve it by uninstalling and reinstalling SyncJe...

    Has anyone found a good, complete solution for syncing the following:
    Outlook Contacts and Calendar
    Google Calendars
    iPhone Contacts and Calendar (duh)

    I was leaning towards the scheduleworld solution, but it seems a bit painful, and as posted above, support is spotty...

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    I done a restore to my phone and had to re-install the prog. When I try to register it I get" Could not contact registration server". I am running 1.1.4.
    any ideas?

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    are you using this with Goosync? if you are then when you reinstall this app you have to go to Goosyng and reset or re-choose your device otherwise it wont work. then youll probably need to contact nexthaus to have your registration key reset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marko111 View Post
    are you using this with Goosync? if you are then when you reinstall this app you have to go to Goosyng and reset or re-choose your device otherwise it wont work. then youll probably need to contact nexthaus to have your registration key reset.
    No, I am using mobical, till the las restore it always worked fine. Contacting support already. Hope someone might have had similiar issues.

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    Hi shakazulu,
    did you solve?
    I've just purchased syncje and have the same problem.
    I've sent an email to support and waiting for an answer....

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    Please help

    Nexthaus support answered me to verify my internet connection....
    The problem is not in the connection, the application doesn't even try to connect, it shows immediately the error message...

    Does anybody have an idea of what could be the problem?? Please....

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    I made a restore as I screwed up a few things and still now luck. I still get the error message that the registration server can not be contacted. I tried a few things, but no luck at all. Anyone any idea? as still love the app, but right it is no good for me.

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