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Thread: [APP RELEASE] SMS Notify (vibrates)

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    Well if you have access to the phone via SSH, login and do the following command... ps -aux

    You should see a process towards the top called something like

    /bin/sh /usr/local/smsnotify/

    If you don't, something is wrong with the install of the daemon. If you have UlCtl installed, see if you can see the following daemon running net.ations.cre.smsnotify if you don't see it ... ahhh I can't help you, I'm out of my depth. If you DO see it and its red or something click on it and say "load -w". If its running, and you still don't see the smsnotify process running, make sure the permissions on are 755 and that its case/spelling is correct, and is in the /usr/local/smsnotify path, (case is important)

    If everything looks good, maybe you should post the script up? Alternately, change the script to something like

    $vibrate &
    sleep 30

    This will cause the device to vibrate every 30 seconds regardless of anything and then at least you know the script is running, (change it afterwards obviously). Oh ya, and make sure all the programs like vibrate are also 755 permission.

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    got it work on 1.1.4

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    @ IvanRaide

    Im on Windows and using iBricker to access the fone...
    to my limited knowledge i think i cant use SSH on windows & the permission levels cant be set.

    or is this possible on windows... what programs do i need to use?

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    @ jajukhan

    I'm on windows too, you can do these things.
    First, getting OpenSSH on the phone is threw installer, but its possible you already have it. Look in the installer "All Packages" and look for OpenSSH, it its not there, you probably have it. Install something like BossPrefs and see if the slider for SSH is there/slide-able...

    Once you have OpenSSH running on the phone, get this program

    when you get it running on Windows give it your phones IP and wait a bit, it takes a while for the encryption keys to be built the first time. You should be then logged in. From there you can do the steps above, (rightclicking on a file to change permissions). You can issue command threw it too like 'chown' to change ownership but I'm not sure you will need to do that for smsnotify.

    Later on, you can install putty , then you can SSH into the phone from windows directly, (both programs are very useful for iphoning)

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    jajukhan (2008-04-28)

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    IvanRaide Thanks & Thanked

    will give it a shot... as per your instructions

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    Default The PlayAudio file
    This is the playaudio file for anyone that needs it and hasn't installed the normal Erika Utilities that have it, (plus a LOT of other good stuff).
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    THanks IvanRaide

    I installed Erica's utilities got loads of different files in the /var/root/bin/ folder but no playaudio

    quite strange ! :S

    mind shedding some light what you mean by "plus a lot of other good stuff" ???


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    I can't believe no one has taken such a SIMPLE app, GUIed it, and packaged it for installer for us non-SSHing/script-editing/advanced-users. I'd certainly donate to that soul.

    I should really learn this coding thing for reasons like this....
    Cut and paste your but.

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    >>mind shedding some light what you mean by "plus a lot of other good stuff

    Sorry, I meant Erica utils have lots of good stuff, (playaudio being just one of them). Actually I forget which Erica had playaudio, I have the following installed

    Erica's iPhone Utils v0.11
    Erica's Ported Utils v0.06
    Erica's Utilities v0.55

    >>I can't believe no one has taken such a SIMPLE app

    I am still surprised this hasn't been done. I guess Caterpillar/Kate did do it, but NOT for free. Given we know how to get the info, and other people know how to write daemons, I guess no one knowledgeable enough misses/wants the functionality enough to write an app for it.

    Does anyone with firmware 1.2/2.0 know if something like this was added in?

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    IvanRaide top man !

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    Hi. I have read through the entire thread. As I got further and further in the more confused I got. I installed SMS notify. The only reason and feature I want is for it to vibrate at a reasonable interval till I have read the text.

    My problem? IT DOES NOT WORK. I am on 1.1.4 and have installed BSD Subsystem. What have I missed?

    #2 Is there any way to use a custom tone for SMS. The apple ones are too soft and boring. Need a loud BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEP like on my old Nokia.

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    Why do you guys bother with this, when it doesn't work while the phone is asleep? That's the whole point with an app like this.

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    >>Why do you guys bother with this,

    Well it actually does if you have your email on a polling interval equavilent to what you want the the reminder interval to be. So if you want a reminder every 5 minutes, have it get your email every 5. I agree its hardly GREAT, but it has 'some' use still, (as opposed to never being told) which just blows.

    edit: SCSI: Actually we have discussed this before, and you mentioned you cant do the fake APN stuff. I wonder if you can setup as your primary email a fake one to so that it fails right away, (on the poll), and it should NOT go out EDGE since its the loop-back address. Might be worth a shot.

    dara777: Have you done any of the SSH steps mentioned above/in the past. You are going to need to for >= 1.1.3
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    help please

    i installed smsnotify from installer. and i am running on firmware 1.1.4
    i tired getting smsnotify to work so i went and ran my mobile terminal.
    logged in (user: root pass:alpine)
    then i used the command
    "chmod 755 /usr/local/smsnotify"
    i get no response after i hit enter (so i am assuming it worked) but i still do not get any notification when my iphone in standby mode that i have missed a txt msg.

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    I believe that would only change the permission on the directory and not the permissions on the files in the directory. It would be best to read the numerous posts above, (going backwards) and trying those steps, you should be able to get it to work.

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    does anybody have a problem with the alert tone being only 25% volume?

    when I get an SMS, it plays the normal system sound at full volume. but then the smsnotify kicks in and after my set time delay, the smsnotify plays my set alert tone but it's a very low volume.

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    yea u were right it was because i had to do it specificly to each file and not the folder.

    ps. y dont u try reading back, ull find all the same **** i did, absolutly nothing except the same question asked 100 times in 100 diffrent ways answeared the same way without any detail. "set permission to 755".

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    Really, I thought I mentioned setting the file permissions,



    and Here,

    (oh ya, you're welcome by the way)

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    This is cool, mind you it would drain my battery quite quickly in the night if I had my phone left on and recieved a text message, but nevertheless it's cool

    "Everybody has common sense, but most just don't use it, then you wonder why?" - Neo-Tech

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    I have installed this application and have had no success with it - it does not vibrate every 15 seconds. I have an unlocked 1.1.4 - does it work with that version??

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