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Thread: [APP RELEASE] SMS Notify (vibrates)

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    Quote Originally Posted by IvanRaide View Post
    I figured out how to make it work again in 1.1.3. The problem "I think" is the sql queries are hardcoded to root and can't see the new mobile directory, to fix this do the following in putty

    ln -s /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS /private/var/root/Library

    You should now have build a symbolic like to the SMS database in root so that the smsnotify query can work. I image its a similar problem for the phone calls as well, I just don't know what directory that program reads yet. Any help would be, well, helpful....

    EDIT: Ok, its the CallHistory directory for calls, but I still can't get the program scw_missedcalls to work, only the older less sophisticated callhistory query seems to be working. If anyone knows how the scw_missedcalls does its thing, we can probably figure it out. to add a symbolick link for callhist do the following...

    ln -s /private/var/mobile/Library/CallHistory /private/var/root/Library

    EDIT: Obviously, you could just change the script as well to point to mobile directory that would be cleaner then the symbolic link, I just did it to see if the scw_missedcalls would work, (which it didn't)
    I don't really understand what you mean.We change the directory WHERE? I downloaded the app to my computer and changed it in the .sh file, is that what we need to do? and then how do i put the app into the phone again,it doesn't allow me to do it through independence.

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    ♻①☛: Do you have SSH installed and you SCP into the device? I have never used independence(I think its mac right?) or iBricker, so I can't really help. But if you can SSH telnet into your device you just copy the file back to where you got it and set the permissions to 755.

    If none of this means anything to you, and you have access to a windows machine...

    1} install SSH through installer on the iphone
    2} make sure its running and download winscp (on the desktop)
    3} connect using root and alpine
    4} drag your modified .sh file in /usr/local/smsnotify
    5} rightclick on the file in winscp and pick properties, under octal set it to 0755
    6} then either kill the sh \usr\local\smsnotify\ process or reboot the iphone

    that SHOULD be it, but I might have missed like 20 steps here, doing it kinda fast.

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    i have a problem on this.
    when i get an sms or a call i get a vibrate every 5sec.
    but how can i get the ringtone to??
    i put already the "Alarm.m4r" in to /usr/local/smsnotify/
    sorry for my bad english!

    thanks a lot

    thats my


    while test 1
    n=`$sql /var/mobile/Library/SMS/sms.db 'select count(*) from message where flags=0'`;

    if [ "$n" -gt 0 -o "$d" -gt 0 ]

    $vibrate &
    $playaudio $audiofile &


    sleep 5

    ive got the problem!!!! i forget to put the playaudio-script from erica in to the folder!

    i have one problem,
    how can i make it in sleep-mode??
    it dont works when the iphone is sleeping.


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    i have one problem,
    how can i make it in sleep-mode??
    it dont works when the iphone is sleeping.
    This has been talked about multiple times, even in this article, so read backwards, but here are some highlights...

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    what format does the music file have to be to get played by that app?

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    God how I wish that there would be a descent/proper way of having the phone sound and vibrate every 5 minutes when there is a missed call/sms/event... My old Samsung did this, and for me, this a must-have feature.

    I'm tempted to start using my old phone again becouse of this, and I hate it!

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    Though in sentiment, I agree 100%, you can get the 5 minute poll if you change your email poll to 5 minutes. If you don't have email or EDGE support,
    chico_can though of an idea to fake it out, that might work, (just enough to wake up the phone) I have never tried it cause I'm happy with the 15 minute poll, but it might be worthwhile to you.

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    Thanks IvanRaide, but it doesn't quite work for me, since I do have en email account, but have it set to manual checking, due to high gprs costs here in Sweden..

    There is a program called Caterpillar ( ) which seems to have exactly what I want, namely the Reminder function, but it is way too costly for a function like this.

    Caterpillar shows that it can be done, and I am very surprised that there is not a "louder" demand for this kind of application. Guess people are more interested in apps that play fart sounds when the phone is shaken..

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    Actually there are a couple of forum articles about requesting it, (I am on most of them) but I agree, I'm surprised its not requested by MORE people.

    I also checked out Caterpillar, it has some nice stuff beyond the reminder even, but paying for anything leaves a bad taste in my mouth

    I'm hoping that when the SDK comes out, this will be very easy to write, (depending on the dev environment I might try it myself). I was checking out doing a cygwin build of the current toolchain to start this app, but with the SDK on the horizon might as well wait.

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    Caterpillar seems to be the solution !!!!

    how come something so simple to do (at least I think so) and nobody did it for free?

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    I NEED to uninstall caterpillar ya'll! I installed it, and now it only lets me turn the pages on my homescreen, but, when I press any of the apps, it does not respond to my touch! I go into installer, and when I press uninstall, it does not respond, how the heck to I remove it? Anyone know? It really seemed like a totally neat app, but, not worth the problems I am having I am on 1.1.2 unlocked and jailbroken.

    Thanks in advance guys!
    Stay Sexy, Sweet, and Wonderful!

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    Default SMSNotify on Installer
    Is SMSNotify still on Installer? I am unable to locate it. I am not sure if I have the correct sources installed but I do have modmyi as a source. I also tried downloading the file from Nate's site but it is asking me for a password..
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    Yes, it is still on Installer... but it does not work... on my iPhone w/1.1.4 Any chance of this getting updated? It worked great before updated!

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    can't wait to install this one thx.

    Please yes we need one for missed calls also!!!! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyeandi View Post
    Yes, it is still on Installer... but it does not work... on my iPhone w/1.1.4 Any chance of this getting updated? It worked great before updated!
    Yeah, it is still there, but no dice on it working. Too bad, I always miss texts as I don't know I have them due to missing the first notification! Hopefully an update will be released!

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    is there some patch or install fix for european users who like to have sms delivery report (so when i send sms, i got report that u got message)? im missing that

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    I am running smsnotify on 1.1.4 and its working fine.

    Make sure you do all the things mentioned before in this article (changing the directory locations or setting symlinks, read backwards lots of useful info) ... even the scw_missedcalls is working in 1.1.4...

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    when have a new sms then it's not work on Lock screen?

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    I'd appreciate some suggestions/help... i have been trying to get SMS NOTIFY working... but for some odd reason it doesnt work ! Im on ver 1.1.4
    I have even tried the edited versions posted here with missed call alert & without it...
    installed & uninstalled it as well like 10times ! restarted the fone over & over again... installed all the other needed files & programes... NO LUCK AT ALL.

    wat could possibly be wrong? :S

    help plz... i really like this script !!!

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