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Thread: [APP RELEASE] SMS Notify (vibrates)

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    chico_can - I don't know why, as it works for me. Maybe the daemon stops for some reason? Nate would be more qualified to answer this one. Sorry man.

    I would love for Nate to wrap this up in a nice GUI with settings like: vibrate on/off, daemon on/off, choose different sound to use for missed call & SMS.

    I think he is very busy at the moment though with the new 113 release in hand...

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    The daemon does suspend once the device enters 'deep sleep'. This has been talked about a LOT, you can check it out here...

    But for now, the ONLY solution is setup the iPhone to check email every x minutes and then when it does it wakes up enough for your script to run again and do its thing. Yes, not great, ... but its better then nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IvanRaide View Post
    The daemon does suspend once the device enters 'deep sleep'. This has been talked about a LOT, you can check it out here...

    But for now, the ONLY solution is setup the iPhone to check email every x minutes and then when it does it wakes up enough for your script to run again and do its thing. Yes, not great, ... but its better then nothing.
    I don't have a data plan, if i set up an email account to check every so often and it tries to go through edge, it won't work. is that good enough to wake the phone?

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    Thats an interesting question/idea.

    I would image you would setup some fake AP for Edge, (the phone is probably smart enough to NOT wakeup if no AP is defined), but setup a fake one ... and when the phone wakes up and tries to get EDGE access (which will take a while to fail-timeout your script should have the chance to run).

    It's easy enough to test, give it a try... but I would guess that it would work.

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    Default SMSNotify not working in firmware 1.1.3
    After the upgrade and reinstall of SMSNotify its not detecting SMS using this query...

    n=`$sql /var/root/Library/SMS/sms.db 'select count(*) from message where flags=0'`;

    AND the scw_missedcalls app now seems to always return a positive value even if there are NO missed calls?

    Anyone know what the new SMS query should be and/or what to do about the missed calls?

    Very sad this isn't working anymore?

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    is it possible to tweak this to work for calendar notifications?

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    Maybe the SDK will make this working agin... but until then we will have to stumble around to figure out the comands to access the correct info in the db. Also the fact that the phone now has 2 sleep modes that are now much more embeded really sends programs like this up the river.
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    It's not working on 1.1.3 , its there any fix for that?

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    I figured out how to make it work again in 1.1.3. The problem "I think" is the sql queries are hardcoded to root and can't see the new mobile directory, to fix this do the following in putty

    ln -s /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS /private/var/root/Library

    You should now have build a symbolic like to the SMS database in root so that the smsnotify query can work. I image its a similar problem for the phone calls as well, I just don't know what directory that program reads yet. Any help would be, well, helpful....

    EDIT: Ok, its the CallHistory directory for calls, but I still can't get the program scw_missedcalls to work, only the older less sophisticated callhistory query seems to be working. If anyone knows how the scw_missedcalls does its thing, we can probably figure it out. to add a symbolick link for callhist do the following...

    ln -s /private/var/mobile/Library/CallHistory /private/var/root/Library

    EDIT: Obviously, you could just change the script as well to point to mobile directory that would be cleaner then the symbolic link, I just did it to see if the scw_missedcalls would work, (which it didn't)
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    For those using it - I updated scw_missedcalls to work correctly on 1.1.3 regardless of whether it executes as root or mobile. The problem is that missed calls data (last time viewed) are stored under mobile since all apps run as mobile, but if you setup the script to run as root, it reads the last calls for root.

    Updated program attached.
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    when is it possible to get this thru installer?


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    Can some one make detail step to get it working? There lot of people that post something to make it work, but which one is good??

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    Is there any way I can get this to work with 1.1.3???? This "app" was very useful and I would like to have it working again.

    Why didn't Apple make this apart of the iPhone software? What is wrong with them? The most basic phones have missed call/sms notification.

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    If you look back on page 6 I talk about how to get it running on 1.1.3 in 2 different methods.

    Plus if you use the new version of NetMage's app (scw_missedcalls) you can get the missed calls to work as well.

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    Yea I've looked at it since and I got SMS to work.

    I don't understand how to get the scw_missedcalls thing to work?

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    assuming you placed the scw_missedcalls in the /usr/local/smsnotify dir, (and set permission to 755)

    add these lines....



    and change the condition to something like this

    if [ "$n" -gt 0 -o "$d" -gt 0 ]

    I've included my script but I don't recommend you just copy it, since it might not do what you want, its just here for reference


    while test 1
    n=`$sql /var/mobile/Library/SMS/sms.db 'select count(*) from message where flags=0'`;

    if [ "$n" -gt 0 -o "$d" -gt 0 ]

    $vibrate &
    $playaudio $audiofile &


    sleep 30


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    Thanks a lot. Worked perfectly.

    Now, can you figure out how to make it not sound while in vibrate mode? haha

    You have been thanked.

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    Thanks for the thanks ...

    If Erica or someone made an app it would be easy to add to the script, I just don't know of an app, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. If anyone finds one tell us and we could add that easily enough.

    If Nate or anyone else is interested in getting this script/app waking up on its own apparently someone posted something they say works...
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    Kills the battery though. Kind of scared of wearing out the vibrating device too.

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    You could change the script to increment a counter and if it has attempted to notify you 10 times, to stop (and reset the counter whenever the condition is NOT true)....

    I myself don't really see the need because, unfortunately, the app can't wake itself up so it only updates on your email interval which is probably like 15 minutes or so, so a small update every 15 minutes or so should not hurt anything, and if you are using the device, well, answer your SMS

    But, seriously the counter should work if you want to add that functionality
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