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Thread: [Release] YouArchive.It and iTextUploader: backup your iPhone SMSs!

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    Default [Release] YouArchive.It and iTextUploader: backup your iPhone SMSs!
    The iPhone is a fantastic phone, but has a great limit when speaking about SMSs: there's a limit on the number of messages you can store, and you cannot delete single messages, but only the entire conversation.

    So... What if you want to save your important messages?
    This is why YouArchive.It (formerly known as iSMS WebApp) was born!

    This free service consists in a web archive where you can store all your messages, and browse them freely any time, anywhere, from all over the world! YouArchive.It runs directly in your web browser (like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc), and doesn't require any application to be installed!
    For your privacy, all the database is encrypted. Only the proprietary of the messages can see them, and no one else! (even the administrators can't read your private data)

    And to import messages into your archive? Thanks to iTextUploader, it is really simple!

    iTextUploader is a native iPhone application that uploads your messages to YouArchive.It directly from your iPhone, over the air! It can work with both EDGE and WiFi.

    This is how it works:
    1. Go to YouArchiveIt: Your life, archived in 160 characters! and register a free account
    2. Install iTextUploader in your iPhone (now you can find it in both and Cydia, thanks to BigBoss)
    3. Open iTextUploader and import new messages
    4. It's done! Now your messages are archived in your personal database and you can browse it when you want!

    Try it now: YouArchiveIt: Your life, archived in 160 characters!

    iTextUploader has been created using unofficial toolchain, so it works only on jailbroken 1.1.3/1.1.4 iPhones. Due to Apple's limitation, we can't publish it in the App Store.
    However, we will continue supporting it and, when firmware 2.0 will be jailbroken, we will port iTextUploader too.

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    Yea, sorry, I wish Apple would allow enhancemnts to their apps and let you in the AppStore, i will prob try this next week.

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    I'm not throwing this app down, but the iPhone can hold 75,000 text messages was a feature since FW 1.1.3.. I think 75,000 is enough for anyone.
    and your point about not being able to delete single texts... there are many applications in installer that allow you to delete messages one by one. (i.e. weTool, iLog)

    but I guess those people who text like wild-fire will go passed the 75,000 text message I can see where the use for this will come.

    I did use iSMS webapp though back when it was first introduced...great service!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Girrelephant Master View Post
    Yea, sorry, I wish Apple would allow enhancemnts to their apps and let you in the AppStore, i will prob try this next week.
    I've already tried I still have the XCode project with the "skeleton" of the app (basically, the user interface, which had been redesigned a bit).
    However, since applications are all sandboxed, there's no way to access the sms.db file. My only hope is that Apple creates an API to access the sms database, but I think it's very unlikely.

    So, I will continue developing iTextUploader using the toolchain... And I'll put it together with many other apps that can't be ported in the App Store
    And then... Well, who said that YouArchive.It must support only iPhones? The future may show many surprises

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    Has anyone tried this yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dis1krazyazn View Post
    Has anyone tried this yet?
    yes, a few people so far

    as of writing:
    Currently we have 1461 users, who uploaded about 734000 messages.
    (from YouArchiveIt: Your life, archived in 160 characters! )

    it has been online since January, even if with a different name and in beta phase; so it's quite tested too.

    and, by the way, I'm the first one that use this service. Currently, I've almost 8000 messages stored in my account.
    I would have never used it if it wasn't safe, so you can stay calm
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