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    Default & feature requests
    wold be nice if apps installed with Installer would show up only on the launcher screen, instead of showing up on the dock as well....

    just a feature request!

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    Yeah, kind of defeats the purpose of the app for me..

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    Sbkb can do that 4 you all now

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanakiye View Post
    wold be nice if apps installed with Installer would show up only on the launcher screen, instead of showing up on the dock as well....

    just a feature request!

    They don't show up on the dock..?

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    apps that are installed via also show up in the main window (up to the maximum number). also, i have noticed that adding extra apps via the messed up the whole display order setup. my SMS moved up to the number 1 spot and my phone moved up to the 2nd from the bottom...with only 3 left in the bottom row.
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    Thats because it doesn't add them to the DisplayOrder.plist, so you get screwy things happening.

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    Sbkb is alright, not a fan of the 3 on the bottom row due to it screwing up my mirrored image dock ;x but mabye there could be a way to edit display order on the "phone" itself in the future?
    Hit Thanks!

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    Yea same here.. Defeats the purpose of this app for me too.. The new apps it installs (except Launcher) should not show up on the SpringBoard. They should just go 'below' the rest of them. I have tried over and over to change the Plist order after having Installer install a new app, and it Always messes up the order regardless. In fact, sometimes it put one of the new App icons OVER my phone icon...

    Any ideas on how to fix this?? Hopefully there will be fix..

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    Any new updates for SBKB???

    I want to install a lot of the new stuff, but don't want it to mess up my SpringBoard display!!!!


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    Question iLauncher update?
    So I think the Launcher from nullriver is one of the most important app out there. I use it all the time and without it you can't add more than 4 new apps.

    So I am surprised to see that it is staying in a usable but so-so version 0.2 when a lot of other apps are getting updated everday.

    Nullriver, are you guys still working on it? Here are some feature requests:

    I think the icons are too big and it's a pain to scroll down to the app you need. How about just displaying them like on the springboard (3 icons on each row) but making it scrollable? Is that technically too difficult?

    I'd like to be able to move standard apple apps to the launcher so that I can put 3rd party apps that I use more often instead (for example, put youtube in the launcher, which I hardly use and replace that with SwapTunes, which I use all the time! ).

    A nice to have would be the ability to customize the layout/ordering of apps in there.

    Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great and very useful app. In fact, I like it so much that everytime I open and refresh the installer, I am hoping to see a iLauncher update in there with some of the niceities above.

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    is there any way to hide all the other apps, and just leave launcher and installer in the main screen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by edw1nk View Post
    is there any way to hide all the other apps, and just leave launcher and installer in the main screen?
    Add all your apps you have and don't want on the home screen to the special section at the bottom of your displaylist. Goto all your apps and their info.plist and find out their identifier to know what to put in your displaylist.

    I think I will make a displaylist later today that will have all the apps available out now into the special section on the displaylist and then anyone take whichever programs they want on the home screen can then just be cut out of the special section and paste to your home section.

    We need like some kind of program that can generate plists by pressing certain buttons displayed as certain apps and we could just check the buttons in order of what we and have it print the code.

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    Could the launcher show apps in the same manner that the installer shows apps. Smaller icons for a more visually pleasing interface?

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    I would also like the Installer to show up inside the Launcher so I can remove it from the Springboard home screen. I would rather have some of my more used applications on the home screen. In my experience Sbkb doesn't cause the launcher to show the Installer.

    Who maintains I would like to request this directly.


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