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  • it works fine, firmware 1.0.2

    1 1.18%
  • It works somewhat but unstable, firmware 1.0.2

    0 0%
  • It doesn't work, , firmware 1.0.2

    16 18.82%
  • it works fine, firmware 1.1.1

    14 16.47%
  • It works somewhat but unstable, firmware 1.1.1

    4 4.71%
  • It doesn't work, firmware 1.1.1

    8 9.41%
  • it works fine, firmware 1.1.2

    26 30.59%
  • It works somewhat but unstable, firmware 1.1.2

    11 12.94%
  • It doesn't work, firmware 1.1.2

    2 2.35%
  • it works fine on ipod

    1 1.18%
  • It works somewhat but unstable on ipod

    0 0%
  • It doesn't work on my ipod

    2 2.35%
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Thread: Caissa

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    I have no idea how you managed to get armadillos boards without pieces. I am puzzled.
    All armadillo's work packaged together neatly. You can try to extract the pieces and put them manually.

    Please find the screen shot attached to this post. It shows how it should look.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -david.png  
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    I guess you did not understand what i meant, sorry for bad language.. I will try again.

    I was talking only about the pieces i posted in my 1st post. Those are not in the pack,..
    The pack is good only missing those mentioned above. So i am asking is it even there, and where can it be found on the web. armadillo already made them but looks like he doesnt want them to be published or something

    ioffe: If you look closely the pieces on my picture are not the same that are on yours.
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    0.87 is out.

    installer link

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    Haven't been around in a while; lots going on: custody of the kids, ex-wife & her BF/baby daddy charged with felony child abuse, blah blah blah...but, I've been running the nightly pre-build for 0.87 for a while now. FINALLY got around to "offically" updating to it this morning. I'll put it through it's paces when I'm at work and see what kinda bugs I can find.

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    Default caissa not working?
    hello and good day to all. i have not used this app in a while but today, i wanted to play some chess and got a alert message saying that this software has expired please download newer version. is anyone else having this dilemma???

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    Yes, same here. Loaded it this week only to be turned away....

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    oh dear. is it going the iblackjack way too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by riassan View Post
    hello and good day to all. i have not used this app in a while but today, i wanted to play some chess and got a alert message saying that this software has expired please download newer version. is anyone else having this dilemma???
    hey. i too have been having this problem for quite some time. i even uninstalled the app and re-installed it hoping it wud solve the problem but to no avail. any solutions please.

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    I have an 1.1.2 version iphone. How can I install the Caissa Chess and have it working?

    Thank you,


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    Ioffe? What's up? No more Caissa?
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.

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    I emailed Boris about this, and this was his reply:

    "Here is what happened:
    I got to official SDK program, they sent me internal 2.0 firmware, which is not jailbroken. I have only one iphone and can not develop for jailbroken community anymore. I need to buy ipod touch or smth. Until that time I am locked with 2.0.

    I set a timer for 30 days to make sure people will use latest and greatest software version. Sorry I didn't think about being locked from the development back than. Now ugly hack is to move system time back.

    As soon as I will be able to release working toolchain version of caissa, I will let you know. It's a promise."

    So it wasn't intentional, and we should see a working version soon again.

    Maybe a donation will do the trick? (hint, hint)

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    jrentzke said it all

    I can only add that the app grown so big, I can't support it singlehandedly. over 200k download and 21 people on contributors list. My financial situation does not permit to develop for jailbroken community anymore. Big brother from Cupertino wasn't thrilled about Caissa freely available on public domain neither. GNU licensed engine was a problem too. There are financial, legal, and political reasons why Caissa development is on halt for JB.

    Caissa 2.0 will be available via Itunes application store. It will have new engine, more convenient UI and things that didn't materialize in 0.9 release.

    Stay tuned
    - member of Caissa dev. team

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    If you desperately want to use this game, there is a simple solution to get around this problem; if you want to continue playing for free simply set the iPhone clock to before March 26, 2008 (The expiration date). This works.

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    Google will also help you solve this issue with a simple file replacement... ssshhh don't talk too loud about it though. Crack talk frowned upon.

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    Caissa Chess 2.0 is the first and only native application on IPHONE 2.0 platform. (competing Backgammon/Chess bundle doesn't really work me).

    # over 2500 chess openings
    # New set of graphics (19 new boards, 12 piece sets)
    # Sound notifications
    # 14 levels of difficulty
    # Unlimited undos
    # Hints and force moves functionality.
    # Load/Save/QuikSave/AutoSave games along with all settings and previews.
    # Extensive use of CoreAnimations
    # Incoming call/sms safe. Caissa will deactivate itself and bring back to the same state it was interrupted with.
    # Energy efficient. if you happened to leave the application on. It won't drain your battery.
    # Improved start-up time and lessened memory footprint
    # and much more

    Any questions, let me know
    - member of Caissa dev. team

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