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Thread: [COMING SOON] OmniTuner 1.0 (aka Funiculus)

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    Default [COMING SOON] OmniTuner 1.0 (aka Funiculus)
    Funiculus will be released in the App Store this Friday under its new name, "OmniTuner". OmniTuner is a pitch tuner for multiple instruments (guitar, banjo, mandolin, etc.). It currently features 3 modes:
    * Standard mode - tells you the name and octave of the note being played
    * Fretboard mode - helps you tune stringed instruments, with a variety of preprogrammed tunings
    * Clef mode - shows the note being played on a music clef.

    Because OmniTuner uses the microphone to analyze the frequency of the note being played, it is available only for the iPhone (and not for the iPod Touch). It is unknown as to whether the app will work on an iPod Touch that uses an external microphone.

    The bar at the top is the main pitch tells you whether you are sharp, flat, or equal to (+/- 5 centitones) the nearest standard pitch. This is used for fine tuning. The name of that "nearest standard pitch" is shown in the "Note" box in Standard Mode.

    If you are tuning a guitar or something similar, you can use the Fretboard Mode to "gross tune"...that is, get the string's pitch "in the ballpark". To use the fretboard mode, select your tuning/instrument, and then play a string on your instrument. The strings that register blue are lower than the note you just played; those that register in shades of red are higher than the note you just played. Adjust the pitch of the string until the corresponding string on the screen turns green. Once the string turns green, use the tuning bar at the top of the screen.

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    Looks useful. Pay? Free? Donationware?

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    The current price is $4.99.

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    Well that's very reasonable.

    Can't wait for all the appstore apps!

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    Please let us know any requests you may have for future updates for OmniTuner...either post here or send an email to [email protected].

    I know many of you made requests back in the Funiculus days, but please make them again...
    Some of the requests are currently being implemented...

    For example, the frameworks for allowing A4 to equal something other than 440.0 is currently in place. The only hold up is implementing the GUI.

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    Great job JLA! This was the first app I purchased, and it's nice to see how much polish you've added!

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