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Thread: Smsd

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    SMSD-v0.2.3beta1 working just great under 1.1.3.
    Now it's my default SMS application.

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    Tried v0.2.3beta1.

    I was able to make the previous versions work with my 1.1.3 by creating the symlink. I removed the symlink before installing v0.2.3beta1 and it launches fine.

    So far it was able to write the necessary changes to the SMS.db. There are 2 instances though of "SMSD Notifier" in the preferences window. The conversation features have the threads jumbled (the latest thread should be on top).

    So far, these are my observations. Thanks!

    When a message is sent using SMSD, the conversation view does not update. It does not show the recently sent message in conversation view. I exit and relaunch SMSD and that particular message is now shown.
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    i've tried everything but i still can't get it to run

    installed the folder in /private/var/applications
    pasted file from mobilesms folder (from download) to folder
    pasted file from launchdaemons to /library/launchdaemons folder

    shut down phone, but still the program keeps crashing any ideas? i raelly really want to get this program to start working as it is clearly better in functionality as compared to the default SMS program

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    Please note with reference to Forward to Email Fix would you be kind enough to remove the extra text "This is iPhone SMS backup generated by SMSD (Copyright 2007-2008"
    This just adds uneccesary text to each email.

    For future releases may I suggest ans SMS Filter for handling SMS Spam. An option to create a blacklist of numbers from whom SMS would be automatically deleted.

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    checkyoulater in winscp u have to right click the and choose properties and enable the set group owenership.....(it is the last option on the bottom of the screen)

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    wow the instructions were sure simple thanks so much i got to work now, will be testing it for now, hopefully it doesn't crash as much as one expects from a beta version....this is really something worth looking forward too

    thanks again

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    Default Backup to Email
    I've tried several times to "Backup to Email". Once it loads the email, there is no attachment. The subject reads "SMS Backup", but no attachment with the actual messages. Any suggestions? All the permissions are set correctly, and I've checked the "ownership" box mentioned earlier.
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    Help I unistalled the old version put this new version in via SSH put 0755 on the app and when I click it it opens and closes immediately I am using 1.1.3 firmware, HELP

    Thanks ALL

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    dallas: 1.1.3 Nate or Dev?
    It doesn't work with Nate..

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    Nate, DARN it is there no way to fix it

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    Nobody will be fixing apps for Nate's JB, since it doesn't follow standard for SDK apps.

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    I am confused, it was working on my 1.1.3 Nate version till I updated to the beta, now it wont, anyone have any ideas, thanks all

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    Yeah, you are confused
    1. It wasn't working on 1.1.3 Nate version. It was only able to READ the data.
    2. Amrut has made beta which works propely on 1.1.3 (with write access), but you need the official DEV JB

    I don't know if Amrut will change the app to work under Nate's JB, but honestly speaking, you'll be better off doing JB "the proper way".

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    please don't mislead people without facts in your hand. i myself have been using the beta version with nate's jb without problems. smsd can read and write in the database and also been able to set it as default by launching it using ssh.

    the only problem i have is that when i try to look in my contacts and choose to send text message option, smsd just kick me back to springboard.

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    I don't think am misleading.
    Nate's JB symlinks /var/root/Library/SMS with /var/mobile/Library/SMS.
    If that symlink is present SMSD thinks it's running under 1.1.2 and prior, therefore it does not function properly.
    Futhermore, it's running as root, not as mobile - and that's also not good.
    Now depending on your definition of "working", it may have been ok for you. I look at errors that can be seen on console, and obviously application can't write back data to the database (sent SMS).

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    Heya guys I need some help with the latest version v0.2.3beta1 I have it installed and I did the SSH run thing to set it up as the default SMS and the notify. Now I love this program dont get me wrong but it's not working right atm and now when I try to SSH back in to undo the default SMS option it give me a Bus Error when I try to run SMSD anybody have any ideas?

    Great program can't wait till there's a stable version out for 1.1.3


    **EDIT** Nevermind I was able to finally run it and undo the default sms thing.
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    thanks for this great app! I have been trying the latest beta (v0.2.3beta1) with great sucess but I think I may have found two bugs.

    1. After receiving a new text, I unlock the iphone and I find myself in the main window of SMSD, if I go to inbox, the new text isn't there. If I close SMSD (press Home), then the "Text" icon shows one new message, I click it and sure enough it is now in the inbox. The point is I need to restart SMSD to see new texts.

    2. This may be related to the first bug, but after receiving a new text message, we should get a "unlock to view message" and then be taken directly to the new SMS.

    Please let me know if these aren't bugs but problems with my setup. I am running the dev 1.1.3 by the way.

    Thanks again

    Actually, whenever I'm in SMSD and I receive a text, it doesn't show up. Text will only show up if I'm on the springboard. Also, if I receive a new message while on springboard, I get a popup showing the message and a close and reply buttons, pressing reply doesn't open the Reply in SMSD.

    Actually, whenever I'm in SMSD and I receive a text, it doesn't show up. Text will only show up if I'm on the springboard. Also, if I receive a new message while on springboard, I get a popup showing the message and a close and reply buttons, pressing reply doesn't open the Reply in SMSD.
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    I'm also havin a issue with backup to email. It's sends the email but no attachment. Any ideas?

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    the font when you full-view a sms doesn't match the one in the preview

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    Quote Originally Posted by rumple View Post
    * New Feature : Send Confirmation preference.
    Activated and unactivted this option, but I don't see any differences, what is it ?

    Quote Originally Posted by rumple View Post
    * New Feature : Ability to insert multiple contacts.
    What is different from before ?

    I would suggest the possibility of typing first letters of a contact instead of searching in the adressbook, like the apple mobilesms.

    Thanks for all you have done Amrut

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