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Thread: can't connect to youtube.. help!!

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    Default can't connect to youtube.. help!!
    hey i guys i bought this iphone brand new everything works fine but the youtube application dont let me get connect to see the videos, any ideas????? CAN someone provide me with the info.plist,pkginfo and youtube file so i can just replace them to see if it works?. hey guys i think it is something wrong with the youtube VideoCache, it is locate at root/Library/YouTube. i compared that file with other iphone that i have and the same videocache from the 1st iphone is 1,087,488 bytes or whateva it is and the second one (the one i am having problems with) is 4,096 bytes. can anyone please give me that VideoCache file again it goes on root/Library/YouTube or can just someone open his iphone with manzana and tell me what he have to compare with mines, some help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    If you have 2 iphones cant you just copy the files you need off of one and use those on the one you are having problems with??

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    what can i use to do it?>??????

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    Are you not activated through AT&T?

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    well yea but cingular so is one of the old cingular sim, but eventhoght i have that sim is not it cuz i did activated my second iphone with same old sim and the youtube was running fine, like i said can u guys see the file in var/root/Library/YouTube and look for the VideoCache to see how big is the file cuz in my good iphone the size of the VideoCache is 1,087,488 and in the one i am having promblems with the size of the VideoCache file is 4,096 that cant be possible?? pliz guys see urs files and tell me whats the zise ur file so like that i have an idea of what to do. thanks
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    Hello Denmer_99

    Indeed copying youtube`s cache file from another legit activated iPhone to a workaround activated one, makes YouYube works. PARTIALLY.

    YOU STILL CAN`T CONNECT to Youtube. What you will get are the last videos listed from the legit activated iPhone and you`ll be unable to update that list periodically, like the legit activated iPhones does each time you access Youtube app, that means, you`ll still getting Can`t connect to Youtube error.

    What really happens is that when you activate the iPhone through AT&T, the first time you run Youtube app, it connects through Edge and authenticates your iPhone with GoogleLogin (Youtube) system. GoogleLogin assigns an authentication key for your phone and stores it somewhere in iPhone.

    That`s why after that you are able to connect to Youtube thru wi-fi, because you`d already have you offical GoogleLogin authentication key, and the iPhone sends this key each time you try to update the video listing (this do not apply to bookmarks or history, so if you copy the history and bookmarks from a legit activated iPhone you WILL BE ABLE to see videos)

    You can find more about this sniffing (WireShark) your wi-fi network when iPhone runs Youtube app.

    Hope it helps


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    Take it back!

    All this workaround business is inconvenient when it should work in the first place.

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    nice guide can be found here + the 3files you need to activate

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    i just tried it, it didnt work. im doing this hack from a g4 mac.. would that make any diffrence?

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