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Thread: Agile Messenger

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    Quote Originally Posted by GR81 View Post
    new version runs in background
    thanks for posting. I didnt bother checking for updates til now.

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    new update today..

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    how can I access the Install cache?

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    everytime i try to download it says that the download failed.

    I have tried it over wifi and edge and everytime it says that the download fails

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    Seems like the new update (1.0.21) solve the issue with Yahoo contacts.

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    Default Is this a crapware/trialware
    It could be crapware/trialware according to their website. I am not sure. I just don't want to fool around with it at my own cost, if its going to lock up at some predefined time.

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    is this going to be added to the App store?

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    yea, i m waiing for this to be ported to 2.0 firmware too

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    yeah port it now!
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    Here's my problem with this app. I like the majority of it, but the one problem I have is that when typing on the keyboard it doesn't autocorrect the last word of the sentence that I am typing after I hit enter. MobileChat and Fring do this which is really nice.

    Just a little annoyance. Aim on the App store has this same problem. Hoping this will show up in the app store soon, or to cydia

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    that's not too bad. just hit space. I just wished it would stay "awake" when I go back to the home screen or leave it idling for a few minutes. It would be great to have that updated.

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    hehe, I am still on 1.1.2 and it works well for me. fring for me is still the best chat program in terms of memory usage. and minimal bugs.


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    I like AgileMessenger....and I'd like to ask the developer if he could fix the bug so that smileys appear like this : D and like this : d
    and it also would be could if you can put the song playing in the ipod as the "Now Playing" song in the nickname...

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    i'm trying for hours to make my msn show my current nickname and not another..

    for instance it says stocis`2008 (new year's nick) whereas now its FTO.. how the hell do i change it !??

    i logged in from my pc but looks ok.
    tried uninstalling, reinstalling.
    tried logging in with another account, the other account shows old nicks too

    pls help thx
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    is this available on 2.0 firmware

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    Quote Originally Posted by busog View Post
    is this available on 2.0 firmware
    not yet, sorry

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    Loving Agile messenger. The GUI is extremely "iphone" like, with transition screens etc, also, the flexibility to log in and out different IM's independently, as well as excellent notification system. It works perfectly in the background too, but tends to use considerably more RAM than the alternative Fring.

    Works fantastic on iphone 1.1.2 firmware. I am reluctant to see Agile go to Appstore, as programs on appstore generally follow the official Apple SDK and hence may no longer run in the background.


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    has anyone gotten this to work with t-zones?

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    Loved it on 1.1.4, looking forward to it on 2.0. There's AIM and some multi-client on the App Store, and AIM isn't bad, but that other app (can't think of its name) is a freaking joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stadsport View Post
    Loved it on 1.1.4, looking forward to it on 2.0. There's AIM and some multi-client on the App Store, and AIM isn't bad, but that other app (can't think of its name) is a freaking joke.
    I think you mean palringo, and I totally agree: it sucks
    I miss agile messenger! Hope it'll soon be available on cydia..

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