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Thread: hAcx iLiberty+ Script Generator

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    Default hAcx iLiberty+ Script Generator

    hAcx iLiberty+ Script Generator

    Using this program you can generate iLiberty+ scripts from Installer packages on-the-fly so you can install any Installer package without having to use a WiFi? connection, only a pc/mac and iLiberty+.

    scripts are generated and copied to the iLiberty+ automatically only by adding the repository url and selecting the desired package (application/game/fix) from the program itself and clicking the "Generate Install Script" button.

    you can also generate an uninstall script the same way you generate the install script, by clicking the "Generate Uninstall Script". this way you can uninstall any application from the iPhone using iLiberty+.

    notice that this program is still in beta stages and some packages may not parse successfully.

    I'm not responsible in any way to damages that my occur to you're iPhone while using this application.

    Author: hAcx.
    Support: yaniv at
    Blog (Hebrew):

    Changes 03/07/08 - v0.03a

    * Program is now packed in an Installation Wizard
    * Plist-Parser was completely rewritten to speed things up.
    * Last state/options are now saved along with last folders.
    * Added a cleaner notification dialog which makes things easier to understand.
    * "Repository loading.." popup on startup can now be dragged to move around.
    * Script preview in the script editor is updated a lot faster.
    * Listview's tweaked to load large lists a lot faster.
    * Updated the right click menus on both listviews.
    * Added popup-menu to the repository add button to load local files.
    * Fixed some bugs.

    Changes 01/07/08 - v0.02a

    * Added option to preview Installer original xml for package.
    * Every script generated will add itself to Installer so it can be quickly uninstalled. (!)
    * Added right click menu to repository listview (unactive for now).
    * Added right click option to packages listview to manually view package full xml source.
    * Repository "Add" button now accepts url with the prefix "file://".
    * Fixed some cases of empty package name.
    * Fixed a few memory leaks.
    * A lot of bugs fixed (a lot more left).

    Check out other programs made by me at hAcx Software & Delphi Components

    while i'm a freelance programmer i will be happy to accept any donation to keep this project and other future projects alive. any amount will be accepted.

    Donate Link:


    Project Home Page : hacx-iliberty-script-generator - Google Code
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    Hey there. This could prove really useful. Thanks a lot. Keep it up.
    I'll try it tomorrow. This is Windows-only, isn't it?
    Wouldn't you like to get in touch with cmw (the winpwn dev) or the iLiberty devs to get that incorporated into their apps?

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    dont think so. thanks anyway.

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