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Thread: [Poll] - FLIPSILENT for iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by reznor9 View Post
    Again, why shake it to voicemail when you can just tap the ignore button to send it to voicemail, or double click the sleep key... its like making the toilet flush when you shake the showerhead in the shower... its easier to just pull down the lever... I like the creativity and Im not saying to can the idea, but make it function for something else.. ignoring calls is easy enough the way it is
    exacly, it's cool but useless!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSUnique View Post
    exacly, it's cool but useless!
    +2, but I think "cool" is exaggerated, and for me, it's useless

    (don't take it personal - it's more than I could program - just an opinion)

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    looks like a good application can't wait till it comes out . If only it reacted faster when you flip it

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    Thanks to all of you who post your thoughts on this. As i was expecting, some love, some hate.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I have been waiting for this for a while so I will most definitely use the "turn-over" feature.
    Is the shaking being testing in a pocket while walking normal speed? That's my only concern with that feature.

    Hoping to see this app soon!

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    This would not work very well of course in people's pocket, purse, or anything and anywhere it would have a place to block the light out from the iPhone. I say you go back to the drawing board and find out a way to make the iPhone only become silent when it is in a certain angle and flipped to 180 degrees onto a table or some sort.

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    Spektro? Did you give this project up? I can haz your latest working version plz?

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    Actually the last working version i have is for 1.X firmwares. I didn't gave up, just were using it myself.
    Now i'll be working on a better version for 2.X firmwares, and i think i'll place it as a SBSettings toggle.

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    can't wait to see the finished product. Maybe i can find put it to use. :-)

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    I really want this app. Please make it happen.

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    It's ready and it's name is CallController. Try it from Cydia.

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    AWESOME idea spektro but I have to concerns.

    What if you are jogging and the phone is in your pocket

    and do I need a table everytime I want to ignore a call..

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    That's why i implemented a toggle that is placed on your device's lock screen. So, when you start jogging or any other exercise that makes your device shake, you can just undim the screen and press the toggle to quickly enable/disable the call controller features

    If a call comes in while you are practicing the exercise and you want to answer or dismiss it by shaking or fliping it down, you just need to press the toggle present on your screen to activate call controller actions and do the movement you want.

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    plsssssss: do it .

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