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Thread: GBA Emulator 1.1.2 gpSPhone updated and its AMAZING....

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    Quote Originally Posted by zstud333 View Post
    like many have posted, i can't find anywhere with GBA roms that work. could someone PM me a site with good ones? id appreciate it.
    Just google it, there are many sites, just dont post them here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgsxr883 View Post
    your doing something wrong...updates dont get worse!!!!!!!!!

    no need to be a smart a$$...pretty sure i'm not doing anything wrong since all i've ever done since day one is install updates via installer....y don't u look at my screenshots and tell me if this is normal..thanks!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    its normal just go to settings and change the setting that says allow scaling and it will get bigger (full screen) otherwise yes its normal

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    I must be doing something wrong because the game sound is horribly choppy.
    I'm so glad I don't have to meet The Internet People.

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    Ive spoken to 12 people who all want the same thing.
    Skin 3 in every way is perfect, the contrast, the A and B buttons L and R are all perfect. We just want the joystick from skin 1 and it would be perfect if it was placed above where it is in skin 3 and below where it is in skin 4. So in plain english not quite in the middle but not quite on the bottom, like 4/5 from the top (or 2/5 from the bottom lol), just above where it is in skin 4 ultimately. Just add that as one more skin and so many people will stop bugging me and I agree fully... It would be perfect.

    Does anyone know how I can get this info to the developers, an email address, forward it, anything...
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    :admin edit: no asking for warez :cash edit:

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    Hi, I'm ZodTTD, author of gpSPhone. Luckily zemper posted to the forums at about this thread. I will try to answer any gpSPhone topic not related to ROMs here or at I heard there's some common agreement of what needs to be updated in gpSPhone here. Hope I can help.

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    I heart my friend google.

    Watch the video, and try to keep up.

    pf edit: That'd be allllllllllll warez.

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    ztod i wanna thank you, i did find one site i had to register to that has roms for it, i downloaded a few games, one was sonic which is virtually flawless so far, and a couple hockey games where the announcing is patchy, but im not expecting it to be perfect. i wanna say the gba emmulator is amazing and the possibilities of this phone amaze me more everyday

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    theres no way he could possibly be anyone else.
    thanks so much, donating as soon as my paypal account isnt negative
    "I accidentally upgraded my firmware.....again..."

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    The reason some games arent loading the saves is because when zodttd put a better engine in emulator most saves werent the right format anymore, so you will have to start games again.

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    how do you save games?

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    next person who asks or posts warez is banned permanetly


    meh this thread is done, 10 people are 33% of the way to losing access to this site.

    none of you read the post you were required to read before using the forums. I should just get rid of all of you for wasting my time
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