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Thread: MMS v0.1 (W00t!!!!!)

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    Thanks fastdump but it didn't work same problem.. I don't think it's the program or the settings it's my service provider and my plan type not allowing EDGE.

    See if i take out my simcard and put it in my old phone that uses GPRS to send MMS's it will send right away. It's my plan type with vodafone thats stopping me.

    nickh did you find this worked? or did you get the same result as me?

    EDIT: yeah i thought so.. well at least we know it is getting somewhere does anyone know if the iPhone can deal with GPRS or is it limited to EDGE?

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    Im on telia, sweden. Haven't gotten it to work yet, but if someone do please send me a pm! Otherwise great app! Really should have been included from the start but thanks to all great developers we don't have to worry about things like that


    Got the settings to work, after a email from the developers i got some settings to try out and it seemed like they worked!

    In the mms app use these settings:

    mmsc: mmss

    Once again before i tried this i got en email that i should put in the username and password needed to use mms in sweden (for telia). But i managed to send a mms without adding anything to my EDGE settings. The mms was recieved by the other phone, but the MMS app on my iPhone didn't display "mms sent" or something like that. It still showed that it was sending. But thats a small price to pay if it finally works to send mms from the iPhone And its still only version 0.1 so i think it will be resolved with later development.

    Last edited by jinxen; 2007-12-06 at 03:34 PM. Reason: Got the MMS settings to work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLOWNCO View Post
    i have those in my phone and i have had 2 mms go through i havent had a delivery report form the other phone as of yet though
    Worked perfectly fine for me, and got confirmation from two people that they received the pictures....

    Thanx all that developed this, and look forward to seeing a total guys rock.

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    Lads how are you installing this app, I am going through the normal method and source then hit MMS and install and while the download happens it can never install??? any ideas as i want to test in Ireland on O2
    <a href= target=_blank></a>

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    wow it works I'm I. AT&T and works fine turn off wifi and settings are:
    I'm in California visiting cell based In las vegas I. Fw 1.1.2

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    As stated mine works great but I can only send pictures I have taken with the iphone itself! How can I allow it to pull from my photo album instead of just from "camera roll" ?

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    Default Tmobile question.....?
    Someone fill in the blanks for me. Normally I just use WiFi for surfing. I don't have any type of internet plan. I don't have the $19.99 Total Internet plan nor do I have the $5.99 Tzones plan. Do I need one or the other?

    I'm thinking that I need at least the $5.99 plan to get this to work. Can someone confirm please?

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    works with tim. but you can change apn edge in and MMSC in
    I hope the future version for italian tim doesn't need to change EDGE APN to send mms.

    thank you

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    wow it works. Dude I thanked you once but I want to say it again. Thank you
    IpodLover77 @ Hofo

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    Default Mine went through just fine!
    The new att
    locked and activated through itunes
    jailbroken through

    settings are as follows:

    and the message was recived by the guy sitting next to me in about 30 second.

    can't wait to recieve them too.

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    Default t mobile
    can someone post the right settings for t mobile please I tryed the one on the site no luck thanks

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    Wish list:

    - Pick images from any library
    - Send text along with pic

    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurisko View Post
    Wish list:

    - Pick images from any library
    - Send text along with pic

    Also receive mms. cool!

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    I can confirm it also working with ATT with the above settings...Great app guys..I can't wait until receiving mms is possible!

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    any US T-mo settings?

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    Default us t mobile settings please
    us t mobile settings please

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    the settings i got from T-Mobile (US)

    i tried them but are not working. Let us know if someone is getting the settings to work on T-Mobile (US).

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    i even tried it without the http to no avail

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    Default Mms
    Yes! It Worked For Me.

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    Itried the settings for ATT too no luck anyone figure it out yet

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