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Thread: Simplify Media Mobile for iPhone!?

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    paul??? no edge update???

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    @rstuvwxyz, we are waiting for 3G. the test version was pretty sweet - the first time I drove from the office to home using Simplify the entire way was awesome - but the sound quality was not ideal and it was sensitive to coverage drops. we decided it made sense to way for more bandwidth.

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    thanx for taking the time to about sending invites from your iphone?

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    Yeah, I've already got all my music on my phone, so this really isn't for me.

    It still looks promising, though.

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    @rstuvwxyz - it's in the works

    and, for everyone else, an FYI. we sent an update off to Ste that should be hitting your Installer very soon. please install we are making some changes to support a new desktop feature and we need to move everyone to the newest protocol.

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    Sounds great Paul, Looking forward to the update. I've been having a little trouble with my library needing to reload every time I log-in.

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    Default update in installer
    i just tried to dl but it said the package failed....thanks in advance paul. still one of my favorite apps

    sorry thats all my packages right now.
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    I get package download failed as well.

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    i think installer is having issues cuz i just tried to download more things to check and everything is saying package failed.

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    Default Performance issues
    @Paul Thanx for that great application. I would call it "the killer application" for the iPhone if i wouldn't get the same performance issues as with most other media managers. Simplifypeer.exe permanently uses the the computing power of one of my CPU cores (Athlon X2 5200+). Also loading things on the iPhone takes up ages. But well. The problem is obvious. My media library contains about 120000 songs..

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    We've just pushed a desktop update that has two of your most requested (non-iPhone) features: chat and tell me who is playing my music. They are pretty basic right now but we hope you enjoy them. Just make sure you have build 1010 on the desktop (PC, Mac and Linux) and build 960 for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    @maljaysia, 120K tracks is impressive! Can you send us an email at support at simplifymedia? I'm not sure what we can do in the short-term, but we'd like to work with you on future performance optimizations.

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    Yeah, i have 80K files and while the program indexes them all on my PC, they dont all show up on my iphone.

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    We have a version of Simplify Media for 2.0 firmware. Althought it cannot run in the background, it is has a number of improvements, including EDGE/3G support.

    While we wait on App Store approval, we've decided to run a small Beta program using ad hoc distribution (limit 100). If you are interested, send us your UDID in an email to support at simplifmyedia dot com.

    Thanks for all the help along the way!

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    wow I just got this app and wow just when I thought my iPhone couldn't get any better I go ahead an add another 32GB of music to it lol this is a must have app!!!!

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