Touch Bar is no longer in beta meaning all errors where found.

There are over 75 drinks and soon to be an update of 300 drinks.

Then we can go for our goal of 1000.

This app has quickly made its self a name, and today i want to announce the final meaning of that custom button.

As of now, there will be public packs released on my source

Add that source right now if you have TouchBar

it will be on mmi also, but im gunna work out something with him.

So how its going to work for now, is you will send me an email at

The email will contain.

- Drink Name
- Ingredients
- Description (How to serve or present it)
- If you want, you may add your name, or a little slogan.
- Also you are permitted to add a link at the bottom that will be shown.

This is starting and i think i will make the first public pack release as soon as i get 50 drinks.

So it now all relize on you guys, The fans.

So start sending you drinks to me NOW. and be a part of the ever so growing bar tender dream.


David Levy