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Thread: SMSD version .03 can now FORWARD SMS

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    Quote Originally Posted by srbug View Post
    How do you do this? I can't figure it out..
    Press the "more" button on the main screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by piranha View Post
    Press the "more" button on the main screen
    Ahh great stuff. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by srbug View Post
    I had that problem too all i did was uninstall SMSD completly, restart, install 0.8 via installer and restart and then it has worked everytime since..
    Ok, i tried that. And when i try to send messages that i retrieve from my contacts im not able to send, just as before. But if i type in the number, instead of getting the name from the telephone book it worked the first time. It impossible to know every phonenumber in your phonebook so if you have any more suggestions i'll be glad to try

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    It looks like this forwarding bug is caused by having the "keyboard clicks" set to OFF in the Sounds settings of the iphone. When ever this is set to off certain contacts will not be able to be forward a message(I've yet to figure out why only certain contacts..), when the keyboard clicks is set to "ON" then the forwards will work. Can someone else verify this, who is having the problem..(I'm running the .08 version)


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    I also tried removing the app and re-installing but am having to go back to the standard SMS app. It's very hit and miss as to whether it will actually send a message i.e. out of about 20 sent to my missus today, 1 was succesfull, the other I had to use the standard app.

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    Default SMSD v0.09

    I am releasing new version of SMSD (v0.09) today. It will be available
    in in a couple of days or you can download from and install it manually.

    This version has following changes :

    * New Feature : Unread SMS will be shown in red.
    * New Feature : Number of unread SMS will be shown in red circle on the icon.
    * New Feature : Character Counter
    * New Feature : Long SMS (more than 160 chars) are sent as one
    message and not as multiple split messages.
    * Fix : Unicode (chinese etc.) SMS are sent properly.
    * Fix : Wrong message was deleted when Message screen is changed
    using arrow buttons.
    * Fix : SMS send was slow/timing out.

    Let me know if you see any issues with this one.

    If you like this app please donate for the development using paypal. My paypal account is [email protected]


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    Excellent news Amrut, I've been using weTool but if you have cracked the problem with long SMS fragmenting I'll certainly donate and use this.

    Nice to know someone was working on this as its really affecting me, I forward a long SMS each week and when it fragments into 60 characters I get charged each time.
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    Default Great app!
    Love this app and it came a long way!

    My questions

    Why do we have two posts about this app.? Not for me, but I think it confuses some people ( it's not that hard, but you never know). I think it will be better for everyone if we have only one post to go to

    Can we merge this two posts?


    PS: not to sound dumb, but does this app have the icon indicator that shows when you have a new sms? I could swear that I've seen somewhere that it says that...hmmm...maybe I was wrong.


    Maybe its just my phone, but I just notice that if you get a new sms, an you delete it in this 09 vers., the main SMS app still shows the icon saying that you have a new sms. Anyone?

    Nevermind! A quick restart of the phone and it doesn't show it anymore.
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    Hi There,

    Am really interested in downloading this for my 1.1.1 but everytime i try to select the SMSD links (any and everyone of them) i get a msg from google:

    Your client does not have permission to get URL /files/ from this server. (Client IP address:

    You are attempting to perform an activity that you have insufficient permissions for. If you feel this is in error, please contact the project administrator.

    Pls Pls help...if there is any way round this. Many tks

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    I got the same error

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    Default Set it as defoult
    Is possible to set smsd as default app for sms instead of the apple's one ?

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    smileys or emotiocons would be really great for this app...
    in the works, or...?
    and they should be tested to e.g. Sony Ericsson and Nokia etc that they actually works.

    in iSMS they donīt... (not on SE phones anyway)

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    I put new beta app on my phone. It had 3 files, one Mobile sms and SMSD app. plust demon luncher. I put and in my application folder and demon luncher in the Library folder. Now i don't have a native sms app, and smsd won't load at all

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    I love this app!

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    pretty nice app, too bad it doesnt work on 1.1.3 atm, i hope for a fix soon, thanks

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    I also have same problem as mivhael73622
    Can any1 pls upload to another site ???

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    Default forbidden

    I am trying to download the SMSD thru the link you mentioned but unsuccessful. The messages was:

    Your client does not have permission to get URL /p/iphone-smsd/ from this server.

    please help me to get this apps coz I am tired of using the standard sms of my iphone. I cant send to multiple recipient and cant forward the message. Sometimes, i am thinking of going back to my Nokia e61i. very friendly and powerful sms features.


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    I cant download the latest version either? Any one have it that can post it?

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    How and where to download this pls

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    Exclamation Website!
    Hi guys!

    I think everyone wanted the website for the app so here it is:

    I hope this helps you guys and good luck with this great app. Still waiting for more to come

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