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Thread: [Update] Adikus Pool v2.1

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    Default [Update] Adikus Pool v2.1
    Pool for the iPhone is a native Pocket Billiard game to run on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

    - Single-player mode
    - Two-player mode
    - vs. Computer mode
    - 8-Ball and 9-Ball games
    - Sound
    - Autosave game on exit
    - Easy cue direction and ball speed adjustment
    - Two ball sizes (16 and 18 pixels)
    - Fully customizable view and behavior
    - Current version: 2.1

    What's new:
    Added sound effects
    Improved AI algorithm.
    Ball movement significantly improved
    Fixed: strange behaviour of the ball near the pockets
    Fixed: "lost ball" issue

    Since the game continues to evolve and be improved, it is now being distributed by RiP Dev (RiP Dev: The iPhone Development Company), one of the largest software houses for the iPhone. will continue developing the game while RiP Dev will provide the customer support for it.

    Pool requires a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch with, firmware version 1.1.1 or newer. The game is available from the Installer application, category Games. If you don't have it please update Installer application or manually add our source

    In trial mode you can estimate all the features of the game. To purchase just follow to our secure online store powered by eSellerate, where you can pay using major credit cards and PayPal. :: Pool for the iPhone and iPod Touch

    PS. If you don't plan on paying for this app, don't update to v2.1 but stay with v2.0. If you have updated already, you can find v2.0 on the next page of this thread.
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    Hi, i just installed the update and noticed a small but annoying bug. When you start up a new game the cue ball is always off center before the break.

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    I noticed that as-well.

    The added sound effects works well though.

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    Thanks....nice update!

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    not bad at all. i love this game lol. to bad im poor, and it only last 3 days after installation for the trial
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    RIP-DEV. now its going to cost $50. LOL!

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    Love the sound effects.

    Suck that you guys pulled an "iBlackjack" move.
    Offer a great free game, let people update, then make them pay to continue using it..

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    Still not free? Guess I will be using the first version still. Thats my fav iPhone game, play it a million times aday, scored a 12 today!!

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    I was gonna donate to them before but never got around to it. Now that I see they are charging non negotiable $9 for it, I will pass on giving them any money. It's a cool little app, but I don't think it's worth $9. Maybe $5, but def not $9. Actually maybe $9, but not so if they're demanding it.

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    Well here goes another app to be deleted from my phone.

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    I'd give them $9 if they added online multiplayer hint hint*
    If you guys were smart, you wouldn't have to pay for it
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    Is it just me or is the game ridiculously hard?

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    Pool1 : free
    Pool2 : 7 games a day...
    Pool2.1 : 3 days try...

    Nice progression...

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    Quote Originally Posted by apoca View Post
    Pool1 : free
    Pool2 : 7 games a day...
    Pool2.1 : 3 days try...

    Nice progression...
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    Just keep in mind that RIPDev is part of the Installer Dev crew now.
    The pessimist in me sees a pricetag on something there soon.

    This app is a great app, no doubt. However, in terms of mobile software, when compared to other official mobile software (ATT, Verizon, etc games and apps for other platforms) this is over 4 times the average cost. This is also much more then any app at the App store is projected to be, and I'm sure the quality there will be greater in terms of games.

    But hey, good luck.
    I'm sure there will always be people who are willing to pay.

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    What the hell. What happened to good old free apps?
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    here is Pool version 2.0, I got it right from the dev's website, I just searched google for "iPhone Pool 2.0"

    uninstall version 2.1, ssh version 2.0, set permissions to 0755

    reboot phone, enjoy

    mods, hope this is ok
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    I just installed 2.0 again last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dash-2 View Post
    Love the sound effects.

    Suck that you guys pulled an "iBlackjack" move.
    Offer a great free game, let people update, then make them pay to continue using it..
    I agree that there should be a clear warning that updating the app will cost you if you want to continue using it.

    I think this kind of thing is a major reason why people go looking for hacks, as they feel that they have been cheated...

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    Sucks that i have to use one of my first ever posts on MMi to say this but:

    This is totally not worth the asking price. They can't even churn out game play and graphics as good as 2005 era Micropool on Symbian OS, yet they charge?

    Seems like the new fad. release a beta version gratis, get people to beta test and then charge for the app.

    I'll pass.

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