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Thread: Chrome iPhone Mod - another interface modding

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    Default Chrome iPhone Mod - another interface modding
    few days back i had posted a thread regarding the 'interface mod' program for changing the artwork of the iphone. here is another program that i read about which does something similar but it only has a chromium look. so ur iphone GUI becomes into a grey/black combo.

    for more info, screenshots and the source follow the link.
    Chrome iPhone Mod - Chromium | Apple iPhone School

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    Nice look thanx for sharing
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    Hello 1998? This just isn't pretty at all.

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    Its cool. thanx.

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    Looks awesome man, but again, wrong section...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamy View Post
    Looks awesome man, but again, wrong section...
    thanx....but i m unsure about the section. i know this can be termed as "skinning/themes" but it is also an actual app thru installer. Therefore, i listed it in "new app launches" section.

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    I like the look but after a week or so it would probably get annoying. Im going to try the app out!

    Thanks for the hard work

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    This is the kind of interface you like or hate but still... nice job must've takin a while

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    thats cool i like chrome!

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    Been using it for week+... still unbelievably sexy.

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    I've also had it for a few weeks now and it just looks great. Keyboard, calc, dialer, they all look so killer. (Though I don't know where the dialer pad for contacts is located. So it's not actually installed.)
    I DL'd everything from planet-iphone and manually installed it all, before it was on installer. Lately I prefer doing a manual install. I just feel better.

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    You can download this from Installer in the Planet-iPhone-Mods folder.

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    I love chromium but I don't like the fading apple loaders. Does anyone have the files for the original spinners so I can just copy over the fading apples?

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    I've been using it on mine... I like the look. Works great with the Macbook Air Keypad.

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    For those of you who are having trouble installing/uninstalling, we've just added a more comprehensive Original Images package to our repository: http://*******************/repository...

    This will completely eliminate all traces of custom images and bring you back to default. Currently it is only for iPhone though a seperate package for iPod Touches will be released as soon as I determine the file structure for iPod Touches.

    If Original Images or Chromium iPhone is crashing during installation it means you do not have enough free space left. It is not a problem with the packaging it is a problem with not checking free space.

    In case you're not sure of how to fix the free space error, here it goes..

    Install BossTool from and use the "relocate apps" option. This will free up space on your iPhone that is used by as temporary file storage and allow you to install bigger and better applications.

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