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Thread: Make My Day App

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    Default Make My Day App
    Nate True and company, you guys are awesome. I love the new app. You have brought something new and fun to the iFone, and we all thank you very much!!! Five Stars for Nate and crew! This is revolutionary

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    im tryin it out now!

    (grumble running out of disk space grumble)
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    Its pretty awesome. Its a video like one of the old you choose your path books.

    For example.....Your walking down a dark hallway and you hear a loud scream, do you

    A: go investigate

    B: get the hell outta there

    Your choice and whatever you select effects the outcome.

    Really awesome!

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    this one makes up for the few "lacking" ones

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    what source is this from?

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    this is insane.......... true video and everything in a game. the quality is amazing! great work!!!
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    im lost i see 2 buttons on the menu and they both ask me 2 buy something

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultimatexpka View Post
    im lost i see 2 buttons on the menu and they both ask me 2 buy something

    same here??? HELP

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    mine doesnt work, it just shows a black screen
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    nothing like discussing an app without the source!

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    What's it called? Where do you get it?
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    ok, this is not cool. where do we find it? SOURCE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    awesome!!! good job. I found it in installer, from Ste Packaging i guess

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    You can find it under the Multimedia category I don't think it's from a "rogue source".

    Edit: Confirmed, it comes from Ste Packaging
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    i could never get this to function correctly so i removed it
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