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Thread: [RELEASE] SpoofApp 2.0 (Caller ID Changer, Voice Changer, Call Recording)

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    Default [RELEASE] SpoofApp 2.0 (Caller ID Changer, Voice Changer, Call Recording)
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    Just wanted to announce the release of SpoofApp 2.0.
    It can be found in the Toys category of Installer courtesy of BigBoss's community source repository.

    *note* you must install "Jiggy Runtime* located in the Development category before installing SpoofApp.

    Version 2.0 has a long list of changes so here they are.

    1. Listen to recorded call inside SpoofApp
    2. A recent call history
    3. Delete calls and recordings inside SpoofApp
    4. Easier and faster interface
    5. Calls are connected much faster
    6. Your balance is now shown on the settings screen.
    7. Redesigned and better contacts integration.
    8. 5 Free minutes of talk time courtesy of SpoofCard (big thanks!)
    9. Voice changing and call recording is very simple to use now. When you make a call, your prompted to choose if you want to use these features.

    Some users had a problem with 1.0 not loading, or the contacts not working, those problems have been fixed in 2.0 and so far i havnt had a report of SpoofApp not working.

    Here are some screen shots....

    SpoofApp only works in the USA and Canada due to the fact that your calls must be routed through SpoofCards servers. Ive heard rumors of them expanding into other countries, but other then that i dont know if or when SpoofApp will work internationally.

    Although SpoofApp is free to download, it requires you to purchase minutes through SpoofCard which i have no control over. However... due to the success of SpoofApp 1.0, they were nice enough to give every user of SpoofApp 2.0 free minutes to make calls. When you first run SpoofApp, it will walk you through a quick 2 step setup screen and register you for the free minutes then you can make calls.

    Let me know how it works out, its pretty fun and I find myself using it not so much to change your voice or spoof the caller id, but to record conversations.

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    kind of tempted this time around... i think i'll give the trial a shot

    hahaha, okay... this actually works very well. the voice changer is hilarious and the recording sounds great!
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    i cant seem to play any of my recordings i download them on my phone cause i have the download plugin but i cant find them..

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    once again, another really cool app that costs money

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    so you just have to pay to make calls...what about the other programs.. if i record a phone call do i have to pay for that....??

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    can we use fucntions liek voice changer, call records ? or they need also to pass through thier server ?

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    ok i just installed spoof. by what i see i think you can only do all these things if you pay for min. They give you 6min to start with but then you have to buy more if you still wanna use app and all its functions(v.changer,p.recorder). I tried to make a call outside the app and had no option to record the call if i wanted i am assuming you have to be in the app to make these functions alittle..

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    But good news is that it is possible to Recod and voice change in iphone. So if anyone can just develope these function so that it can be done in normal Phone application ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by netuser View Post
    But good news is that it is possible to Recod and voice change in iphone. So if anyone can just develope these function so that it can be done in normal Phone application ?

    I agree totally with you...we pay for plans to use the iphone. This is buying another plan just to change and record voice calls. really cool app but to pay for min. I think ill stick to my already payed mins a month..

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    You guys don't even know how much fun me and the guys at work had with this. The best call had to have been to my friends recent ex wife. He made it look like the number was coming from her new boyfriend and turned on the womens voice and acted like it was the boyfriends other girl on the side,lol. Best of all you can frickin record the conversations.

    This app is frickin awesome now, bought $20 worth of minutes already

    Does anyone know where the recorded conversations are stored? It almost looks like they are remotely stored and then downloaded to iphone when you want to play them. Hope there is a local storage somewhere.

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    where dose the recorded conversations go when you want to hear them...

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    It goes into Recents, there it shows you who you "spoof called" and when you click the callers name it gives you the option to play the recordings. I've tried the woman's voice and it sounds cool but a lil bit like a chipmunk and a hint of the sound of a voice when talking through a fan

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    This app is straight up awesome. Great job.

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    very expensive I might buy min. But 2 expensive I would pay 10 for 120 but never 20

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    You guys dont understand, the name and phone number spoofing take place over the company servers so you have to pay for them, theres no way to implement it on the iphone and not have to pay for it unless the spoofing could somehow be done in the phone itself.

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    I'll pay but give us more min... Like 10 dollars for 250 min would be good..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawbdee View Post
    You guys dont understand, the name and phone number spoofing take place over the company servers so you have to pay for them, theres no way to implement it on the iphone and not have to pay for it unless the spoofing could somehow be done in the phone itself.
    WOW! One of the NEWEST members of the site has common sense and reads. How did all you guys crying about paying for something miss this little bit of info which is 90% of the functioning of the app? And some of you guys have over 100 posts... LMAO! The common sense we use nowadays. And how much we cry about having to pay for great work that has been put out there... they need rewards for their efforts, and most are less likely to donate, therfore... THEY REQUIRE PAYMENT. I totally agree with it.

    The app is SCHWEET!! Just waiting to spoof the text msgs through this app.
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    Default Followup
    Hey everyone, i wanted to follow up and answer some questions.

    Voice changing and call recording *could* probably be done as a free standalone app. I have no idea how to do this, or i would create it and release it for free.

    I originally created this app because i loved using spoofcard to mess with my friends. I figured it would be easy enough to make an app that transmitted the necessary calling information to spoofcard in order to make a call. So i set out to do it, it worked, everyone i showed was interested in it, so i released it. SpoofCard just happened to offer voice changing and recording so i added it. SpoofApp was originally to just change your caller id.

    I dont own or run spoofcard. I just programmed spoofapp to work with their service. The previous poster is correct, the calls are handled through spoofcards servers which to my understanding isnt exactly cheap. Here is why i dont think this service could be provided for free. When you make a call, spoofcard has to call you AND the person you intend to call. So thats 2 phone lines being used per call. Next is bandwidth. Spoofcard uses VOIP to handle these calls, so thats 2 lines of communication over the internet which is a good amount of bandwidth. Next is the volume of calling, if you have 100 people making phone calls...thats 2 lines... plus the bandwidth.. plus the per minute phone call charges they have to pay.

    Now, i want to thank spoofcard for offering the 6 free minutes. In the past 2 days they have given away something like 100,000 free minutes which blows me away and is great for everyone.

    As for the recorded calls, they are stored on spoofcards servers and streamed to your phone when you play a recording. I have received LOTS of feedback about being able to download the calls. Im working on a way to have the recordings emailed to you. I think getting it in your email would be an easy way to download to your computer and also forward to your friends as most people want to do anyways.

    At the moment you can take your pin and goto and log in. You can browse your calls, recordings, and even download your recordings in MP3.

    Thanks for all the postive feedback and I can be reached my email if you have any questions. Al at

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    Not US citizen ... Just pass

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