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Thread: iSlskv0.1b Release

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    Default iSlskv0.1b Release the soulseek client for iphone has released a beta to try out on the bigboss repository. i am testing it now. i am having problems though, search and downloads seem to work. i am getting an error
    Your FirewireGUID couldnt be recognized, and therefore, music importing will not be available.
    i would love to figure that one out, but other wise the program works fine, the mp3s are there after i download them and can play them fine with iphppod.

    i did not code this app

    check out my music, sample track and full cd below. load all your ipods :P

    discussion already in progress (thanks .:MirrorminD:.)

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    There is currently a discussion going on in the discussion forum. It seems everyone is having the same issue

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    Lovin this app. Thanks developer!

    Searching and downloading fine for and using avplayer to play music right now.

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    I have no idea what I did. I chmodded 777 the following: /Applications, /Applications/, and /Applications/ A reboot must've fixed it, because I can import now! I was too busy installing iphpPod and Apache to try it again after the reboot! Now my iphpPod is useless... lol.

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    it's work great! what happens to the new songs after you sync with itunes?

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    The only thing i find annoying is that many of the users are offline yet still appear on the search.

    Is this common for the orignal program or a bug in the app?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoniB View Post
    it's work great! what happens to the new songs after you sync with itunes?
    Hello all... This is a good question, what does happen to the songs once you sync with iTunes? They import fine to the library and play on the phone however they "disappear" from the iPhone and they don't show up on my PC either after syncing. Anyone know of a fix for this?


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    Is there any way to fix the problem where some songs dont import with the correct name, or artist?
    A Thanks is always nice =]

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