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Thread: [3D GAME NEW RELEASE - MAY 2008] - Kingdom Lores (pre-alpha) SEE VIDEO

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    had that 2 its the permissions

    i promise.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    change the permissions to 755 it worked for me

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    yea have to set permissions.

    cool game the hitting is a little off. sometimes you never hit the enemy but lots of potential on this one.

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    yeah this game is awesome right now for the graphics and the gameplay but it needs saving. i was bummed when i quit and couldnt continue but hey this games gonna be great eventually. GREAT WORK!

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    Man iphone keeps kicking A$$ and taking names.

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    here still doesnt work... just a white screen and crashes.. 1.1.4 fw =/

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    hmm, it works on mine. Looks like there is LAN support, but when i click that it just freezes my iphone forcing me to hold the power button and the... button on the front of the iphone. Looks great so far none the less.

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    what are the commands to change the permission in terminal? thanks.

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    I've seen that video before, first page, but I made one on the updated version. It just runs a little faster.
    [ame=""]YouTube - KLores, wow on iphone (kinda...)[/ame]
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    Installer source:

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    thank's dude dash-2

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    Hm, I'm running on 1.1.3. But the intstaller crash to the springboard after installing the game! Seems like a bugs. I can't find it on uinstall list and I have tried to install over and over again. No luck here

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    It's not too bad. Actually catching up to someone for long enough to attack them is a challenge of its own but it's not bad.

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    Well for those having problems,,,just fyi,,,,I have 1.1.3. I have been jailbroken/unlocked with Ziphone ever since I bought my iphone.

    Well I just opened installer,,,,clicked "all packages",,,type in "king" under the search feature,,,and found it listed 2 times in 2 different sources,,,,which i listed on the first top page of this forum thread in red.

    I did not download from the big boss one,,,,but the other. I just clicked on the installer title,,,,,it downloaded,,,,my springboard refreshed due to the download,,,and BAM the icon was there!!! Then I just taped on the new icon,, and the game worked perfectly. No issues. 100% worked.

    So I know the problem should not be within the game software,,,or the installer,,,,but it would probably be your phone.

    Just fyi.

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    Make sure you install from the source I listed on the bottom of page 2 of this thread.
    It is the official source from the creator.

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