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Thread: [New Killer App] IntelliScreen - Your "Slide to Unlock" Screen on Steriods

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    psuskeels: I don't remember exactly what happened. I believe I rebooted the phone after updating to 0.7, and it happened, as far as I can remember, for no specific reason a little while after that. It was working shortly after the update+reboot. When it failed to start while activating the unlock screen, it was showing the logo, the spinning wheel and empty containers in the background for about 30 seconds. The only thing I can imagine I did with the phone before it failed, was maybe answer an SMS and read/delete an email. Sorry I can't be of more help.

    EDIT: When I try to enable it now, it won't enable. Rebooting does not help, but it does allow me to disable it, so my phone is safe
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    works flawlessly for me hope your update doesnt screw up mine =) great job on it!! only thing i wish is for the default sms pop up was gone.

    iPhone 2g 8gb 2.2 pwned

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    Great App, thanks for sharing!

    REQ: Any chance of placing your Twitter feed on the lock screen also? I'd love to see my latest tweets there!

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    This app drained my battery for sure

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    Is this app on installer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bry805 View Post
    Is this app on installer?
    I'm glad you can read. Try reading this: Was, now is not, will be again soon.

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    ...thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it. Check your PMs. I figured out my problem.

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    I was just thinking, maybe you could implement a hide/show option? That way you could fit more bars in and just show anything you want to see.

    Ex: for mail, have a box saying "mail:1 new" and click it to view. Of course this wouldn't work with weather, or shouldn't. I like weather the way it is.

    Just a thought.

    Also, kind of off topic, but does anyone know how to completely uninstall KATE? I installed it to try it out, didn't like it, un-installed and there's still a calendar on my wallpaper. System fonts won't revert back to normal either. Who knows what else.


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    to the person said it drained ur battery...mine was fine thruought the day..turn off ur auto check email! this app hasn't drained my battery...still goin strong!

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    Im on version 0.7! Enabled Calendar and Mail, if I look at my today screen he told me email in use by mail prog! I look into my mail prog and no email are in! open again the mail prog he try to load my mails! I disable the mail in the today screen and everything is ok with mail prog?! So in the moment the calendar plug in is the only thing which is 100% ok. Weather is not working with a german city.


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    I deleted a folder "/Library/Intelliborn/intelliScreen" after I uninstalled IntelliScreen app.
    I think this folder no more use but after then, my iPod touch loops reboot with Apple mark...
    Please send me the containts of this folder...

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    I have read this Thread but i can't see nothing to download or a Source to install Intelliscreen.

    Please, tell me, how must install Intelliscreen?

    Thank you very much


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    Damn :-D

    I just read the posting to late, hope the repo will be online soon again.

    some post before there you can read, that the repository is temporary removed till a new version with plenty bugfixes is available

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveiPhone View Post
    Feature Request:

    In addition to "Always" and "Never", it would be great to have an option in Cal Display Mode for "Today".
    For "Tomorrow" aswell. Sometimes, "Today" i just too late.

    Also, when SMS and email is enabled and set to "only if new", it should only display the new items, not all of them.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback:

    IntelliScreen 0.8 Released
    New Features:
    - Any Region Outside US causes change to Celsius, no (xxx) xxx-xxxx formatting for phone #, and Date)
    - Remove SMS Alert when enabled
    - Today Only for calendar
    - Enable Always show Clock/Calendar (reduces screen count to 3)

    - FIXED: INSTALL Rebooting (at least all known issues)
    - FIXED: Certain Cities Weather Cause Crash
    - FIXED: Meeting Notes may cover up date on Calendar View
    - FIXED: Re-occurring meetings/appts may not display correctly
    - FIXED: If SMS Screen is set to "Only if New" and a new message appears, and all messages are cleared, the screen shows "No Messagess to Display" instead of not displaying at all.
    - FIXED: Highlight of first cell in News/Sports
    - FIXED: Max Calendar Count was using Max Mail Count
    - FIXED: Preview Screen
    - FIX ATTEMPTED - NOT CONFIRMED: Apply Button does not work for some people
    - FIX ATTEMPTED - NOT CONFIRMED: SMS Messages show Contact name for International iPhone Users
    - FIX ATTEMPTED - NOT CONFIRMED: Unknown Scenario where user receives "Mail DB in Use by"

    FORESTER Reboot your iPhone - you'll be fine. (Hold down home and lock button until it turns black, and let go. Then you can press the Lock to turn on).
    Send iPhone System Log: Via any Intelliborn App -> Click Help / FAQs/ Support -> Scroll to bottom and click on red text at bottom.
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    Hi first of all BRAVO for your fantastic software (and sorry for my poor english, i'm from france...)

    BTW i have a "small" problem : IntelliScreen doesn't save my configuration, i change the weather city for exemple and the Show Clock, i look in the preview : everything seems fine, i push "Apply" and badaboum still no change.

    I've look the permission of the folder in Application they seem good (777).

    I'm the only one ?

    Thanks again for your work

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    thank you for the new release, works well

    some ideas:
    - resizable calendar view (in the options)
    - an option to dim the intelliscreen so the background image shows trough
    - possibility to align the boxes on top or bottom (in the options)

    nice work!

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    This is just great!

    I only wish that the calendar function gets a bit more advanced, as that is the most important function to me. I'd like to see the calendar box larger, so that more can be seen without scrolling.

    Also, it would be great if the text could be shown directly on the background, without the blue boxes. Then one could edit the background image with own surrounding graphics if one wanted. With small calendar icons, etc, just like the Facade screenshot bellow.

    Take a look at the Windows Mobile application Facade fr ideas;

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    Great app. Any chance you can add a stocks view. I check my stocks all day and would rather not have to go into the stocks application everytime I check. Thanks again.

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    The Iphone-SMS-Popup shows up overlayed.. bug or feature?

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