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Thread: [New Killer App] IntelliScreen - Your "Slide to Unlock" Screen on Steriods

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    Core, I have experienced the same problem with SMS as you every now and then. I too solved it the same way. For me, some names show up in my SMS view on the lock screen, and some show as numbers, but I havent found any connection that may be the cause of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adplaya View Post

    My screen everytime I get a text turns black and unresposive to the home button but does make a locking sound when the power button is pressed. Gets kinda annoying.
    Same problem her too.

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    I LOVE IT!! havnt got a txt yet tho. I did notice i can not remove the sports feed i try to unselect it but it just keeps comming back as one feed selected.
    edit: nevermind sry new to the app ill try harder b4 next post
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    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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    A noobie here, sowwy! I think its a fantastic app - just installed it today and loving it!!! Great [email protected]/creator!!!

    screamforme02 - how did you remove the sports feed? do tell, pretty please

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    Quote Originally Posted by scsi View Post
    Tho i truley think that this in an amazing program, I am only interested in having the calendar on my unlock screen, and want to keep it as simple and clutter free as possible, so I'll stick with Kate, untill - hopefully - some more customisation options are availible in IntelliScreen.

    I have made an example of how I would like it to look: (I just editet some random screen i found on the net, I hope "Brian" doesn't mind )

    Note that IntelliScreen only needs to provide the text itself, with some placement and basic text formating options. All the other graphics, backgrouns, icons, etc, users can make themselves by modding the background image. Then you would truley be able to customize your "slide to unlock"-screen.

    I think that by just making the background transparent, making it possible for to user to the decide the placement and the size of the item, the image above would almost be possible.
    I LOVE this idea!!

    Also: does any1 know where I can find this blue stripes wallpaper? Thanks!

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    Now that mock up looks fantastic... especially with the fade off and the resize of the calender view... LOVE IT!!
    Please make this happen!!!

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    just realized you can "slide" across anything on the screen to LAUNCH that particular app/safari. This is a HUGE help and exactly what I was looking for

    This app is spectacular!

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    Same SMS bug here. The screen goes dark and unresponsive when receiving an SMS

    I think it happens when you have another application open and the SMS arrives.

    It has happened twice to me. First time I was navigating in Safari, second one refreshing sources in installer

    And from time to time my news feed stop updating

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    Quote Originally Posted by jl500 View Post
    Same SMS bug here. The screen goes dark and unresponsive when receiving an SMS

    I think it happens when you have another application open and the SMS arrives.

    It has happened twice to me. First time I was navigating in Safari, second one refreshing sources in installer

    And from time to time my news feed stop updating
    I experience the same bug too

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    Quote Originally Posted by DuRo View Post
    I experience the same bug too
    Just to add to the group, I am also having the issue.

    To the Developer:

    For more detail here is what happens:

    When the phone is no longer in the lock screen and I am doing anything, on the phone, checking mail, anything and I receive an SMS, like normal, the little blue box pops up with the text and the option to reply or close, as soon as i push close, my screen turns black and is unresponsive unless i push the power button, to which it locks and goes back to the lock screen. If i dont push close, and i just leave it be(talking on phone), the screen stays black after I finish on the phone and is only responsive to the power button.

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    I have not posted on here for a while, but I have to say I am so happy that I found this app! I found it today and installed it, and actually found iToday last night. I loaded that last night. I have been asking for an app like this from the start! To me this is the one thing that was missing!! And now I have it! So thank you!!

    There are things I like about the iToday set up and display. Do these two apps conflict? because I cant get this one to show, even if I turn off iToday. am I doing something wrong?


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    i've also just started having the problem with the screen going black when receiving a text. as others have stated it happens when you are in any app and receive a text. it also happened to me when i was just on the springboard, and it happens whether i hit close or reply.

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    it blacks out after 5-ish seconds. probably because of the stays-awake-after-a-text solution.
    hit thanks if thanks are due.

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    I also have the problem of the phone crashing when I receive an SMS.

    The screen blacks out and clicking the power button only makes a click noise. I have to power off the iphone and restart to get access once again.

    My Iphone is on 1.1.3 firmware and using 0.85 of intelliscreen.

    Otherwise I love the app. Please try to fix this bug as soon as possible.


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    Does the screen black out if you set SMS Display Mode to Never?

    When I get an sms and have this option everything works fine. Have taskbar notifier so I see the sms icons and know that sms has arrived.

    Running 0.85 on 1.1.4.

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    Thanks for that tip. It seems to work ok with the SMS Display Mode to Never.

    That should be a good pointer to the developer so that he can find the problem and fix it.


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    yeh i have the same problem with the screen goin black after a txt, but i just hit lock button than hit home and screen turns back on. Im having trouble with my email in the intelli screen settings, content config, mail accounts says "no mail accounts found". when i do a preview it says (where the mail bar shud be) database in use by mail?? any solutions for this??

    ps killer app love it even with minor bugs and they are minor. spectacular job Mr Creator of app dude
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    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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    My sports feed hasn't updated since 2:30 yesterday afternoon. The weather and news seem to be doing just fine.

    Anyone else having this problem?

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    0.9 BETA Released - Here are the release notes: Again - I am reading your comments and making sure bugs are opened for them. You can see the current bug list at:

    Intelliborn - IntelliScreen FAQs

    I will try to respond to issues not addressed in these updates shortly.

    - Add News Feeds UI more intuitive
    - Sports/News Update Interval time
    - News/Sports/Mail Headers moved to allow for more content space
    - Localization for French and German

    - Can not modify Custom News Feeds
    - SMS showing up as numbers instead of contact name
    - If Mail database is only busy for one lookup on multiple account retrieval, busy account will not display until new mail arrives
    - UI issue with Only If New/# of messages to display

    Coach: Glad to hear things are working well
    Nikolaus: Glad things are working - and you can now add more then one weather item
    Skrew: Thanks for pointing out the issue with the PIN code - I'll add that to the list of bugs.
    Chibiducky: Give IntelliScreen 0.9 a try. Based on feedback as of late, it seems the last few builds have been major bug free ( a few minor one's - see current bug link above)
    Speida: Thanks for the info - it helped fix the email issue
    Beatoven: Do you mean like Installer - to respring to your Springboard instead of the lock page?
    Emir: Thanks for your image recommendations - still prioritizing functionality before redesigning the UI
    Iainmann: Glad you're enjoying the app. Thanks for your feedback.
    jl500: Stocks are on the list, I'll add your dynamic sizing of the calendar. Regarding Celsisus - If you have the iPhone's region set to anything outside the US, or non-English language - the weather will show in Celsius (see FAQ's). Birthdays are on the list. Graphical version is also on the list. Thanks for the feedback.
    andrewe13: You can now set your updates for Sports Feeds as low as 1 minute (version 0.9)
    deadjim: You can view all email accounts now. Thanks
    claudius: Thanks - I've added the snooze issue to the current bug list.
    dallasnights: The status bar on the sports/news shows how many of the feeds have been loaded.
    Ripped53: ToDo/Task List is on the list. Regarding the kate calendar - would your issue be resolved if IntelliScreen allowed you to size items as you like (ie, show large list of your calendar items?)
    Winvirus: Graphical redesign is on the list - it's just lower on the list
    DuRo: Are you still having issues with Custom News Feed's Launching in safari?
    Rawbdee: Are your email/news updating more regularly?
    Reako: I don't think this will be integrated into the preferences App. Sorry! Maybe just move the icon onto another page? But the adjusting the size of the content is high on the priority list
    deuxani: Regarding 24 hour clock, are you on firmware 1.1.2 or 1.1.1? The 24 hour clock is fixed for firmwares 1.1.1/1.1.2 in 0.9
    FreakKitchen: Does your email work now?
    Crasher26: Thanks for pointing out the SMS issues. Hopefully 0.9 has it right.
    rotary: Thanks for your report on success
    fenix: You can add custom feeds
    Elkcuhc: Engadget Feed is built in now
    BrumBrum: You can view multiple weather locations now. Do you have SkrewCommon installed?
    born2rot: Glad you're enjoying the app. Thanks for the feedback. Are you having any issues with the SpringBoard still? Do you have any other apps installed (vWallPaper/SkrewCommon specifically? Others have noticed these symptoms with that application).
    Kiji: Does your gmail work now?
    jaceuk: You can view what's to come here: Intelliborn - IntelliScreen FAQs
    Anijake: Stock content in the to-do list
    motionx: Regarding New Mail - there was a bug fixed in 0.84. Try now
    scsi: I like your visualization thoughts. Maybe just having a themed mod for IntelliScreen?
    beatoven: The weather bug was fixed in 0.84. Thanks!
    harlenm: Does your email work now?
    signori: The custom news is for adding RSS feeds - not just any news page
    beatoven: I've added the google news reader to download your configured news feeds.
    peteo: Your layout will be solved when you can place items where you like
    jester10: SMS screen on/dimming issues should be resolved in 0.9. Thanks.
    Rperalta: Thanks for the feedback.
    Bongo: Yes - resizing content windows is coming.
    Egordin: SMS Contact Names should show with 0.9
    The Spirit: Yes - resizing content windows is coming.
    ambo: SMS causing the screen to dim after 5-7 seconds has been fixed in 0.9
    darius359: What do you have installed? If you're getting Main Installation Script failed, I have found at least one user who's /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ file was corrupt.
    jl500: Hopefully your weather is working great. I don't think there's going to be any deleting/marking read from the screen. But I'll add it to the request list.
    Mao: Is your email working now? Are you using beta 2.0 or 1.1.4 (sorry a little confused).
    tsatryan: I will PM you regarding email not working
    harryding/adplaya: SMS Dim/Undim issues has been solved in 0.9
    Romeo: SMS Contact Names should show with 0.9
    Core627: You can update your feeds at your own interval now. Stock data is on the list. Regarding your SMS app launch issues - are you running SkrewCommon, or anything else in your /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ If so, can you remove those items first, and retry?
    coreym: Glad you enjoy the app.
    screamforme: What version of the iPhone do you have?
    Slimz: Now that you can set refresh time on sports - let me know if this works for you

    FYI: Current Request List: Cut and Paste from: Intelliborn - IntelliScreen FAQs (Please view the link for updated information)

    Resize/Place content windows
    Current Weather conditions
    Choose display time before dimming (when not scrolling)
    Choose update time for News/Sports
    International Sports
    Marking News Items as read
    Adjust Screen opacity/color configuration
    Twitter Feed
    Internationalizing UI
    Show Contact Birthdays in Calendar
    Battery Status Bar
    Task List
    Emergency Information
    Graphical UI

    PS: If you haven't noticed - You can install IntelliScreen with SkrewCommon installed - however a warning will appear as it appears IntelliScreen may exacerbate errors encountered with vWallPaper.

    Thanks to Obscur99 for the French Translation and Thanks to Maz for the Swedish Translation (which will hopefully be more useful when the iPhone is released with the Swedish Language Packin Switz next month . Swedish users - note - until there's an option to change the language to Swedish, you'll have to move /var/mobile/Library/Intelliborn/Localizable_sw.strings to Localizable_en.strings
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    Send iPhone System Log: Via any Intelliborn App -> Click Help / FAQs/ Support -> Scroll to bottom and click on red text at bottom.
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    Please add Change font size to the list, I noticed the calendar FONT is larger than the sports or weather

    Thanks and great work!

    iPhone 4
    4.1 Firmware

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