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Thread: itoday released Beta

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    Quote Originally Posted by mod_monkey View Post
    freezes my iphone everytime i click the app

    i don't know wat it is but I can't even click a single app. It might be the Screw Common file. it screwed my iphone
    Ditto! I uninstalled it.

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    works great for me and attached my lock screen with themed sms and phone icon

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    Spirit, can you tell me how you got the "tasks" on the screen? Everything else works, but there is no tasks. Are you using some "task" web applications, like Toodledo, vitalist, gettaskdone, etc, or are you using something else?



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    this are no tasks, only birthdays

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Spirit View Post
    this are no tasks, only birthdays
    Yes, but really Hope that screw will add calender allso :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by laz305 View Post
    can you be a bit more precise plz, enter what exactly?

    For those with vWallpaper not working after Skrewcommon 1.2 update:
    The ringtones hook does not seem to be installed by installer. To fix this, just ssh into your phone and do this:
    cd /usr/local/bin
    ./ringtoneshook -install
    Once you've ssh'd into your phone, use a terminal and type:

    cd /usr/local/bin
    ./ringtoneshook -install

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    Works Super over here

    Thank u very much screw, hope that u'll soon put calnder allso in it, That will be Perfect

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    Uninstalled all the itoday, ivideo, and the screwcommon app; this was just to buggy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrentzke View Post
    Once you've ssh'd into your phone, use a terminal and type:

    cd /usr/local/bin
    ./ringtoneshook -install
    I have tried this and it worked when I rebooted... but then when I relocked it same thing is happening... vWallpaper will work once in a while, sometimes my phone will refresh by itself while I am in the middle of doing something and vWallpaper will work... iToday works fine... I am 1.1.4 JB with iLiberty, have latest skrew common installed, iToday, and vWallpaper...

    Any help is greatly appreciated to get vWallpaper back up working in tip top shape...

    Thanks much,
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    call me crazy, but what is the advantage of this application? I don't want personal info on my lock screen? That is why I lock my phone?

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    Same Here. I Have 1.1.4 iLiberty phone. Had orginal skrew and vwall working fine. Installed iToday and it worked fine, but made vWall not work. So Iuninstalled vwall and reinstalled still no. Uninstalled iToday, vWall again, and Skrew. Hard reset. Installed Skrew, hard reset, then vwall, hard rest. Vwall dont work. AND to top it off, iToday is STILL on my lockscreen. The video I had runs, and it shows the weather and no birthday msg, but no iToday icons but I removed this program. Hope Skrew can sort out his 2 kids playing nice together

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    Well people, vwallpaper works with skrewcommon 1.0 and itoday needs skrewcommon 1.2 but on the other hand vwallpaper does not work with skrewcommon 1.2. So till this is fixed you will have problems. Although some people report to have it working.
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    i need help, if anybody knows.....

    im using the ending theme vid (with sound) from shin chan as my itoday background, kinda like a screensaver....
    everything works, itoday vwallpaper, but when its locked the video starts to play for 5 secs then turns black, unless i keep touching the 'slide to unlock" button.... i think its the audio cuz every other vid with no sound stays awake

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    does someone know how to make the lock screen stay on longer, mine goes off soooo fast...??

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    pretty cool app

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    works fine for me but the anniversaries/birthdays have all added a day. If supposed to be on June 30th, it reads 01.07.

    Also not crazy about the Euro date format

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    Not sure if this has been covered, but..

    I uninstalled it and I still have the numbers on my lockscreen.

    ..How do I get rid of these?

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    I've just dropped by for the same reason. Thought it might have been because i uninstlled before disabling, so I reinstalled, and disabled but its all still working. I no longer want to have itoday and I can't get rid of it. I guess an uninstall of skrewcommon might help?

    Hmm, tried it again and all is well. To others who have trouble after uninstall... did you disable it first? if not, do a reinstall and disable and make sure to reboot your phone.
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    I also want to have the lock screen stay a little longer. What's the point of having any applications on it when it last two seconds and I cannot even read all the information?


    Those of you who are using both the itoday and Kate, take a look of this. The weather icon is moved to the bottom of the screen, so that it does not interfere with the calendar. Hope you will like it.

    DownloadMyiphone: itoday edit and intelliscreen



    Spirit, the itoday website says that the application will add "todolist" to the lock screen. That's why I was asking. Anyone got "todolist" work on the lock screen?

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    ya hopefully the update will bring todolist to the lockscreen.. that is what i really want

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