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Thread: Customize patched for 1.1.1

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    Default Customize patched for 1.1.1
    I patched customize to fix the iPod icon bug (typo) and added a new setting, Max, for SpringBoard icon reordering.

    Download the zip, unzip and replace existing Customize with patched version in your from this thread:

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    is this needed now with customize 1.17 released last night?

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    Default Where's my hidden section
    Just update to 1.17 and found out that I can not have hidden icons anymore? Also where is the Max Settings? I'm using 1.1.1

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    Im not sure if it works with 1.17 but the max setting should be in the number icons allowed, at the bottom of that list...

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    The update took away the hidden icon option. anyone know how i can hide the icons now?

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    My update was based on 1.13 - if you have 1.13 installed, you can copy in the patched version.

    Otherwise, you need to wait for a new version to support hiding icons and alpha sorting. I may try to fork (temporarily) my patch so both can be run.

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    saw the new customize update should I update it and install this file?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aziatiklover View Post
    saw the new customize update should I update it and install this file?
    Read one post above...

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    I just installed the 1.17 update from installer and no longer have the hidden option either. Does this have anything to do with your patch? Any way to revert?

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    Nope, you have to install the patch manually. 1.17 is the rewritten version of customize and it doesn't yet have all the original options.

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    hey im runnin 1.1.1 on my iphone but i cant get customie to work. i just dl 1.17 and when i clock customie icon.. it shows the loading screen, but then just crashes.
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    Guys, just read this thread before you post about 1.17!!

    This patch only works on 1.13, nothing else. You need to manually downgrade by replacing 1.17 files with 1.13 files, then you can use the patch. If you cant do that, you are out of luck until an update with the hide icon feature is released...

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    If 1.17 crashes, try restsrting your phone.

    Mine crashed on first start, but is working now.

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    if customize crashes try:
    1. restart the phone
    2. reinstall customize

    as far as 1.17, pls be patient as an update is coming shortly

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    chmoding all files to 0755 did work for me.

    CHMOD all files inside the settings folder to 0755. Customize will stop crashing.
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    Interesting. Should only need to be 644, I would have though that was the default.

    Mine are all 644 in CustomizeNM and Customize 1.17.

    How did you transfer the files?

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