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    Stack for Mobile OS X aims to bring the power of Stacks to the Mobile OS X Dock, or Button Bar.

    A stack is basically a group of applications that fans out when you touch it, allowing you to choose to launch any of the contained items. If you have more than five icons in Stack then it will tile them in a grid view onscreen. Think of it as an application launcher that allows you to keep your Home Screen neat and tidy. As someone who likes the clean look of the default iPod touch home screen, I was driven to develop Stack to allow me to have a way to launch separate applications.

    <img src="" />
    <h2>Stack in Fan View</h2>
    <img src="" /> <img src="" />
    <h2>Stack in Grid View</h2>
    <img src="" /> <img src="" />

    <a href="" title="Stack homepage"> Homepage</a> | Download - Available via Installer

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    I installed this on f/w 1.02 iphone but when I run the StackController application it opens a blank screen and after about 15 seconds exits me back to the home screen. I installed this application manually becuase I couldn't find any installer feeds that had it for my f/w version and followed the steps on the developers site to the "T" but it won't open the StackController. If I run the Stacks application it opens a window with a giant icon (stretched) across the screen and then exits as well. The version of stacks that I have installed is the latest one on the devs site.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Please use other thread...
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