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Thread: iRadio

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    i would like it to be a bit louder on the volume and have the headphones feature as well but overall this all has grown a lot and i love it!!

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    It does have headphones feature.
    Basement arcade. No I never grew up...thank goodness

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    I guess I got my wish huh..

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    I am really loving how this app is developing. And, it does have headphone usage. However, when I try to use headphones with this app, the volume is so low as to be unusable. Hopefully that can be fixed/adjusted. Also, like has already been mentioned, I only see my wallpaper when tapping on the Player or Settings buttons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rugbrn View Post
    im in the same boat, everything else works just fine besides the player and settings buttons....

    sweet update though..
    just to make sure, if you have this problem and you start a radio station, there is no way to stop it, right?

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    For everyone having volume problems: First off, the author is aware and says he'll bring back the volume control soon.

    Second: A reliable work-around is to launch iTunes and adjust to the desired volume there, then quit and launch iRadio. Do this with the headphones in for both steps if you want to listen through headphones and you should find there is a very significant improvement. At least, this works well for me.

    To stop a station playing, click the Genres Button, then the Quit Button.

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    Default iRadio in the Car
    I can play the iRadio station through my cars audio system.

    I modified a standard iPod base to include a cable for audio out and power in.
    This cable then would get soldered to the connector here in the base.
    Sorry, I don't have a pic of that.


    Other end of the cable goes to the audio-in of the adapter for the Audi Head Unit, and also to ignition-switched +12V.
    The iPhone power connected at this point on the connector will take 8-30VDC.

    Note the Head unit sez 'CD' when in fact, the adapter tricks the H/U into opening the audio-inputs.
    thats' how I get iPhone audio out and power in.
    yes, it charges the iPhone, and pauses the iPod stream when the ignition is turned off, restarts the iPod play when the ignition comes back on.

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    I downloaded the newest 1.0b3, and it appears the speed-up "chipmunk audio" problem has been corrected for all streams! Thank you, mewse!!!

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    the only problem for me now is the chipmunk audio
    the update didnt fix it...

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    I love this app. and can't wait to see it develop further.
    Great work!

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    The easiest way that I've found to fix the volume issue is to exit the program, open the ipod function, play a song and adjust the volume all the way up. Exit the ipod function, relaunch iRadio and refresh not only the genre directory but also the station directory. Works for me every time.

    Also, if you're still having the "chipmunk" audio problem, download the newest release (not available on installer yet) and overwrite the directory on your iphone with the newer files. All bitrates play correctly with the newest release.

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    can someone give me the linke to the newest release?

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    to listen to steam iradio on ur headset

    1. run the iradio on ur iphone
    2. select the station that u wanna listen too.
    3. then return to ur home and select ipod from dock
    4 then play any song from the list and then pause the song.

    when u pause u r ipod it will be able to listen to iradio on ur headset

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    whenever i start the program with headphones in, it works in the hadphones. no switching to the ipod function or anything.

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    That's great, but if you do switch to iPod -- then ADJUST THE VOLUME THERE -- and then back to the iRadio program, you may see a huge difference in volume in your headphones.

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    can someone put the latest version on installer? the .tgz file never works for me

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    Don't tell me that this app is going to die before it's actually made stable!

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    Is this app dead? Its the best one out there.
    Basement arcade. No I never grew up...thank goodness

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    New version of iRadio is up. Same URL. Features: ARM asm optimized mp3 decoding, Volume control using the phone's buttons.

    Still working on AAC stuff and more GUI to come soon.


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    can someone PLEASE give me the URL???

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