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Thread: ShopList 0.34

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    Default ShopList 0.34
    Hi all,
    Yesterday I posted ShopList 0.34. There is a bunch of bug fixes. The only new feature is that now you can import and export your shopping lists to a text format to be edited or created in your favorite text editor. Now if you SSH to your phone you'll see a cool command line app called import_export that works as follows:
    (Warning: Before attempting any of this backup the file /var/mobile/Library/ShopList/ so you can restore your lists if things fail)

    # su mobile
    $ cd /Applications/
    $ ./import_export export /tmp/list.csv

    then you can scp /tmp/list.csv to your desktop and edit it with your favorite text editor. Later you can import the list by doing

    $./import_export import /tmp/list.csv

    Notice that:
    -import OVERWRITES your lists. I'll have a merge option in the near future but that is not working so well yet
    -ShopList should not be running during neither during import nor export.

    A file will look like:

    A List
    N,Item one, desc one
    H,Other stuff, stuff description
    N,Item two, desc two
    Other List
    N,More studd I need, desc
    H,some more stuff I have,

    Where the lines with no comas are lists and the lines with two commas are items in the list that is above them. The N means NEED the H means HAVE. It is not quite cvs compliant but I'll get there. You can download from:

    Let me know how it works for you guys.

    cheers, Felipe

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    Thank you!! This transforms the app for me, into something I will use frequently. Creating those lists on the phone was too much hassle, but now it's a breeze. Import/Export works perfectly for me.

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    please update sources...


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    thanks for the great app. keep up the good work, and hope u decide to keep it free.

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    Now that I've tried this a bit more, I see that in order for it to work for long lists, it really needs categories. The way it works now, it's just a single alphabetical list, so even though Yams and Broccoli are next to each other on the grocery store shelves, they end up at opposite ends of the list.

    Since I never use the description field, one option might be to make an optional preference to sort by description or item. This would allow users a lot more flexibility without the need for a lot of extra programming.

    I suppose that I could prefix every item with a category name, (eg, Veg - Broccoli, Veg - Yams) but that will make the list a lot harder to read quickly.
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    thanks all for the feedback.

    You are certainly right. Categories are needed and, after trying a coupe different options, I have a clear idea on how to implement them. So the next mayor release will be 0.4, and it will include categories, units and quantities and possibly some way of tracking prices (you could compute your personal inflation rate!! that would be cool). I'm expecting that to be ready in 2 or 3 weeks.

    cheers, Felipe

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    Awesome, thanks Felipe!

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    Salut JF

    I was very exited when I found your app on the installer, but sadely, this version doesn't launch on my iphone. It launches then goes back to springboard. Do I need to install another deamon or runtime on my iphone?

    Currentely installed: mobileenhancer & BSD subsystem.

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    I have the following problem with ShopList 0.34, which was discribed earlier already in the threads Shoplist 0.3 and 0.2 - but unfortunately there is nothing to find to solve my problem.

    When launching the app, it loads the splash page, then crashes right back to the home screen. Iíve had Shoplist 0.34 running smoothly for quite a few months, but out of a sudden the problem occurs.

    I uninstalled it and reinstalled it already, with no change.
    I am on a jailbraked iPhone version 1.1.3 and havenít done any installation since I used it the last time without problems - I just used boss prefs to hide and make visible some applications before the problem started

    would be great if anybody could post a solution for this


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    I just registered to post for this app. First I'm on 1.1.4 and planing to stay on this for a long time. So I hope you will be supporting this firmware in the future.

    All day I tried to manually edit on my computer, some file I found in avoid editing on ipod keyboard. But the file can't be edited on a word editor..only on some special editors, and only if you change a pre-existing word. So I decided to search on internet and I found this thread. I will try later the "command line app ... import_export" even if right now I don't understand what that means.

    I have a few suggestions. The app is almost perfect as it is ..missing only a few things :

    - First the most important one - maybe a easier way to import export that list. Maybe right from the app itself - with a button, or from the options. The list should be editable in a normal text document application.

    - I noticed that everyone complained the difficulty to write that list on the ipod keyboard. So a natural solution would be a way to write turning the ipod/ iphone horizontal. It's much easier to write with the larger keyboard. I really don't understand why more apps are not using that.

    - Actually I think the new checkboxes are better. But to keep everyone happy, maybe an option to use either checkboxes , either NEED HAVE buttons ?
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    is this app not available anymore?
    any good substitute suggestion?

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