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Thread: Dactyl - a dexterity game

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    Default Dactyl - a dexterity game
    I've released the first version (0.01) of a little dexterity game called Dactyl. It's not on Installer yet, but if anyone is interested, it can be downloaded manually from

    [Update: It's now on Installer]

    If there were a letter before alpha, then that is what it would be designated.
    It's still playable though.

    Here is a screenshot with JPEG artifacts:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -dactyl_0_01.jpg  
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    Before alpha = Pre-Alpha, usually when builds are released quickly (nightly builds).

    Game is very fun, i got to 46 bombs on my second try.

    Description of game: The bombs turn red randomly and you have to press on those bombs quickly or else they explode and you lose.

    Suggestions: Change background color (It's kind of bland), include manual/help for the clueless, add explosion when you lose. You can ignore or take my advice.
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    I like this app I just think it goes a bit too fast... Slow it down just a we-bit and it will be cool. Maybe even add like a score history.

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    Bug: If you click on a bomb, even if it's not red the score still goes up.

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    The score not going past around 90 was intended...I just didn't program anything after that, and I didn't want it to go forever for sanity reasons. I'll probably make the cutoff 100 even...and then have something unlocked.

    The other thing will be fixed in the next version...

    is it too easy or too hard? I hear conflicting info...


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    I got up to 142 bombs before losing but that was with the bug...I actally made it to 94...I think the speed is great but you need a highscore function( local and Internet like dopewars and puzzle maniak) I think you shouldnt cap the score at 100 but let it go forever..100 is too low but it is still a great of my new favorites

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    It's been a while since I released a new version of Dactyl, but I can now announce that version 0.02 is now on Installer...(thanks to PF).

    What's new:
    Some bug fixes
    A higher limit on defusing, which I won't name...
    Different background

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    Hi, this is a really good game. I was wondering if it was possible to have a couple of settings for the speed. It would be nice to have a slower speed, I know my little girl loves this game but the speed is too fast for her. If it could be slower then she could catch some of those bombs/moles

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    Bombs defused: 65 the second time playing, 104 the third time playing.

    Dude, I love this game. I requested a reflex type game over the requests section a few weeks ago. Thanks! I would love to see this further w/ more options and other themes, etc... Take a look at missionred . com for some reflex games. I've been playing those for years and love them. Though, it's much easier w/ the finger.

    Now I wish someone would port over the brainage or mindquiz type games from the psp/ds -- i'm all about keeping the mind sharp.

    [EDIT] Highest so far: 244
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    Thanks for the feedback...
    Yes, I think the immediate future version will have a theme system similar to that Garf currently has, where users can swap out themes without having to uninstall anything.

    Also in the immediate future:
    * High scores (similar to Garf)
    * Speed settings (similar to Garf)
    * A higher limit (even though the current one as of 0.02 is pretty high in my opinion).

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    Can you also include a way to turn off the sounds?

    ..How am I supposed to play this in class? :P

    Good job on the game.

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    Dude, I love this game. My High is 282 . My gf and I battle to see who can get the highest score
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    Default daktyl
    aahh.. its getting so frustrating when i lose

    i got up to 314.. lol.. Im determined to find the highest score one can get ^^


    btw.. im totally addicted to it but that score that keeps changing gets a bit on my nerves : /

    cant you put an option to choose wether the user wants to show him hims score when he loses?

    thanks xD


    Quote Originally Posted by skb875 View Post
    Can you also include a way to turn off the sounds?
    ..How am I supposed to play this in class? :P
    lol y dont you just put silent on?
    lol i play in the classroom too xD

    simply the BEST game ever for the iphone xD
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    Well,thanks for the game,its the only what I can say,this is one of the best games for iPhone.... By the way you would better upload it on the repo though...

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    Default daktyl 0.02 max score
    hehe.. i reached the maximum score ^^..

    501 bombs.. told you i got addicted xD

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