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Thread: iPhone Video Recorder - second killer-app from DreamCatcher

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    Default iPhone Video Recorder - second killer-app from DreamCatcher
    Great News:
    iPhone Video Recorder from DreamCatcher launched!

    1, Record both audio and video
    2, Record to compressed mpeg4 format
    3, Up to 15 fps with high-quality video

    Install methods:
    Install Method 1: method
    Please add iPhone Video Recorder source to your iPhone installer.

    iPhone Video Recorder Source:

    After refresh your installer source, you will find iPhone Video Recorder in Multimedia category, install it.

    Install Method 2: PXL package method
    Download the PXL package below and use with Breezy (mac), iBrickr (windows) or using the PXL MobileSafari plug in to install it.

    Download iphonevideorecorder.pxl (1.0MB)

    Supports firmware 1.0.x, 1.1.x (All known versions) iPhone.

    With trial version, you can record 30 seconds, if you love it, then buy it.

    Thomas Williams
    DreamCatcher Ltd.

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    Can't wait to try

    Video not playing back, gonna restart phone and see if it helps.

    Edit-It worked, cool. I'll have to play with it more, but it might be worth the 19.99$.

    Encoding time sucks though
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    cool app

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    trying to beat drunknbass, nice try though but for 19.99...... i dont think so..... a little steep........

    interface is great, and encoding is that bad at all...... but still too expensive, ill wait, for ushow

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    wow man i am just downloading and checking it,
    Core To Quad 6600 2.4 Ghz(4x2 MB cache), 1x4 GB RAM(888 MHz)
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    ROFL $20 for a video camera app is too much? I think not.

    I'll definitely be going this a try.

    =- Edit, -=

    Just tested it out. I must say, I'm very impressed.

    Sound quality is very good, but the image quality is.. eh not so great.

    Idea for a future release would be able to play it in your iPod video section. But I'd be happy without that if the video quality was better. =)

    Keep up the good work
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    its called economics..... its a great program dont get me wrong, but ushow will do alot more.... and is coming out very soon but to each his own, its a great program

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I honestly dont think its a great program. I tried it and the quality is horrendous and the sound chips in and out. Vids are extremely pixelated to the point where its basically useless.

    Trying to first drunkenbass is clearly the motive, but at least he is taking the time to make sure he releases a quality app and not this. Sorry if i'm harsh, but jus work on it, whichever is better people will go for and though $19 is steep, 30 secs is quite fine for me, doubt id need to record much longer than that under regular circumstances.

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    video quality is not too good i have checked it
    Core To Quad 6600 2.4 Ghz(4x2 MB cache), 1x4 GB RAM(888 MHz)
    Nvidia 512 MB (256 Bit) 7950 GT Graphics Card
    Wireless Mouse,Keyboard,HeadPhone,Wireless BroadBand
    HP W2408 Vivid Color 24" Widescreen Flat LCD Monitor

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    when dnb has said his video recording app will be free then yes $20 might be a little steep
    iLive an iLife

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    that would be so cold if drunk put a price on it...... im ean he deserves it, and id buy it, but i thought he said it would be free...... dont matter, but ushow will be worth 20....... this will hold me over, till it come out so thanks..... 30 sec is enough

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    The video quality is greatly deponding on your recording skills, we will post some testimonal tomorrow.

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    I think this app is nice. The video quality is not as bad as some people have said but its not great either but it is compressed video on the Iphone for more then 5 seconds so that's a plus.
    The encoding takes time but I noticed it runs in the backround so if you take a video and have auto lock on it will still encode when the phone locks.

    Overall great app, the 19.99 price is too steep, 9.99 would be more tempting.
    Anyway it will tide us over till Ushow which wil be free but will also seem to let you upload to youtube, myspace ect.

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    hit the guy up, he uses ffmpeg encoder so he has to release his source code or he is violating GPL. :P hit him up and tell him to give you a copy :P

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    Video quality : Sucks

    Sound Quality: Sucks

    Playback after recording hangs my iPhone. Can only playback after exiting the program and re-entering the program.

    After playback of the recorded video, all my system sound screws up. Sounds hollow and delayed.

    My advise .... Wait for uShow
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    yeah the sound could be so much better and it freezes when u try to play back...... thats worth 19.99?

    desperation smells sweeet

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    i installed and tried it out. ı recorded a 15 sec video. Tried to play it. it just said loading for a long time but nothing showed. not sure how to get it playing. any ideas?

    Tried to email it. I typed email adress and hit sent, it went back to sping board. but I did recieve the email with the video attached. it should be nice to have a 'sending' type message while the process of email is ongoing.

    The video was not great but better than nothing

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    It seems one has to relaunch the app to get it to play the video.
    1.9meg at 2m45sec is not bad.
    Quality sucks a bit though.
    To get the sound right again, just play any ipod track.

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    Needs a lot of improvements...
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    Not bad, quality needs to be imporved, a zoom would be good, the sound is not that great, but its a good start, I cant wait to see USHOW soon but this app is not bad

    Also playback does not do whole screen a bit of the top is left off

    BTW No problems on playback or respring to board on 1.1.4


    iPhone 4
    4.1 Firmware

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