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Thread: CubicMan Release Thread [New Release] 0.0.2.

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    Default CubicMan Release Thread [New Release] 0.0.2.
    We are proud to announce the release of CubicMan 0.0.2.

    New in this version:

    - Progress saving and loading.
    - All new UI and texture.
    - 15 new levels + enhancement of those old 8 levels (effectively 23 new levels).
    - Music and sound effects.
    - New triggers: bridges, thin tile and teleporter.
    - New control mode using Accelerometer.

    With accelerometer mode, you can roll the cube by tilting. If you set "Quick Move" on, the cube will keep rolling as long as the device is tilted (be careful, don't roll over the edge^^). When the "Quick Move" is off, the cube will roll just once with each tilting.

    Also, unlike in "swipe" mode that the screen orientation is adjusted automatically, you have to select to play in either "Portrait" or "Landscape" when using the accelerometer mode.

    Thanks to Poetic Folly again, the new version is available on Installer right now!

    Have fun!


    I bought my iPod Touch last month and spent lots of time at night learning how to make an iPhone/iPod Touch game in OpenGL ES and here is my first iPhone/iPod Touch game to share with you: CubicMan!

    CubicMan is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. It was based on a Flash game that I played not long ago.

    The game is not finished yet and the current version has only 8 levels. Hopefully I can get it done in a couple of months time.

    The game can be played in both portrait and landscape mode. You can use single finger wipes to roll the cube and 2 fingers gesture to zoom in and out.

    Thanks to Poetic Folly, this game is available on Installer now!
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    I love puzzle games... nice job!

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    Looks awesome, keep us updated

    EDIT: LMAO when i posted this i didnt even notice it was out
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    Quote Originally Posted by caubetocdaido View Post
    Source ?
    Check the attachment in first post, the rar file.

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    Congratulations, great job. Nicely done.
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    Nice one...

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    Very nice, need some visual improvements ... i love it.
    in what permission i must change the folder??

    ps: got it 755
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    I love it also! Developers like you are what make my iPod Touch worth the price of admission more and more every day!


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    xcellent game. Can't wait for updates

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    Default Artwork
    Hey, I messed with some of the artwork and added gradient to the cubes. You can check it out if you want. Here is how I changed it:

    And here are the image files you need to swap out:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikejimenez View Post
    Hey, I messed with some of the artwork and added gradient to the cubes. You can check it out if you want...
    mikejimenez, thank you very much for the new skin but I've just found an artist to join the team and he's probably have something for me over the weekend. Hopefully I can get a new updated version soon

    Also, thank you all for the good words. That's really encouraging and it gives me motivations to keep working on the game!

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    Yep awesome game.
    But I do believe the 2nd level is impossible. :P [jk]

    I'll be greatly awaiting an update.

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    ok, keep up the great work!

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    Nice game...the mod is nice also. Level 2 was easy on to level 4 now. wish I could save a game.
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    waouwww. That's one of the best iPhone/iPod Touch games i've ever seen. None are as addictive as this one. I wish I could save my progress and continue from that level the next time. Don't stop improving it. Thanks.

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    Beat it, there's only 9 levels than it reverts back to level 1.
    Every time you download music, GOD kills a kitten.

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    What a nice job Dude !!!!

    I hope you will manage to get more levels in the future Version

    Well Done M8
    No spam!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wd_stroke View Post
    Beat it, there's only 9 levels than it reverts back to level 1.
    yea we know..look at his first post

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