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Thread: [release] Handwriting IME

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    I have the Aqwoah keyboard installed on my 1.1.4 phone, do you think it will interfere with it or mess anything up if i installed this?

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    well it happens, be aware, it comes with a bug that made ur landscape keyboard not layout correctly, and the phone will crash and stuck in the silver apple after uninstalling it. lucky that ibrick still reconizer the phone and install the HW app again and it got back to spring board, i guess it mess up the

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    How can i install this program?

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    Launch Installer and add the repo mentioned in the first post.

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    Could anyone translate WeFIT to English?

    I really want to be able to turn off the Chinese part and just start typing in my own language.

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    Sick! Love it. I may just get a stylus...

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    Quote Originally Posted by iphonecake View Post
    Actually, there is a T9 Chinese IME, it's WeFIT from the repo of
    Err? But does it support English? Looks like it doesn't.

    After trying to do research of my own, I found this:

    Is this what you were referring to? Does this work for 1.1.3? Is it in English?
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    pf edit: behave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hhider2 View Post
    pf edit: behave
    Mouth so dirty. Someone hand him a bar of soap. Thank you for using mmi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hhider2 View Post
    pf edit: behave
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    WeFIT is developed for Chinese input, so no T9 English IME yet, as far as I know.

    maybe someone could contact the developer and see if he could make some simple tweak.

    One China

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    This handwriting stuff is sweet... it installed fine, uninstalled fine too ( i uninstalled 'cause it was too inaccurate and not exactly that useful, more for show )

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    i had to uninstall the because it made typing very laggy even when i was just using apple's stock keyboard and it made my phone freeze up randomly especially in safari and notes. but good thing it uninstalled nicely.

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    i experienced a lot of lag as well. not so fun. hopefully in the future they are able to work out bugs. could be pretty cool.

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    *sorry about caps.

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    There is a rumor a month or so ago they bought this app and put the dev on the payroll at least that is what is the rumor

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    Hello, I'd like to know if this app (sorry, was referring to HWPen) is still available, compatible with an iPod Touch, 2Gen, 8GB, 3.0, jailbroken with redsn0w, and uses cydia.... and last but least how I can get a copy.

    Ronjie ([email protected])
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    no. not available anymore. i think apple bought this and put it in asian localized iphones, but stripped out english character input.
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