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Thread: thtouch (texas hold'em game) early stage

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    Not necessarily, but probably only very close to the release. I'd like to keep my interface ideas secret from competitors

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    Any idea on when you'll be launching? You said it was supposed to launch mid-August before...

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    Thats right, since then I stuffed a whole lot of improvements in the game since I had to wait for artwork to get done. I don't have to wait any more (more or less luckily), that means a quick release during the next days, after another final approvement by my testers.

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    Uff uff, that was a long night. Its done. I've cleared my todo list. It's ready for the store.
    I'll still tune some delays since they are somehow different in the simulator... but thats a piece of cake..
    Puh, I'm kinda tired. Have a nice day everyone!

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    Yay! Can't wait. Haven't played any card game since 1.1.4. I have been (im)patiently waiting for THTouch.

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    Great new lws . We eagerly await your release.

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    Since Apple needs a 512x512 sized version of the icon and I didn't have one, I made an icon refresh today. This is what it will look like.

    AppStore Icon
    I'll post some screenshots tomorrow just before I send it to the AppStore and leave for holidays for one week.

    Picasa Web Albums - lws - THTouch
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    I'm back from the trip. Apple approved the game and it is available as of now in the AppStore

    I wish you all some fantastic games of poker!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beatoven View Post
    Thank you

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    Looking great. well worth 99 cents

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    Congrats on your release! :-)
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    Congrats lws! Awesome game. I left you a glowing review (FIRST! :P)

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    excellent, great job!
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    pit when will they add you to the search? you need to be able to be found!!!!

    I searched poker and texas hold em and you didnt come up.

    Can u submit keywords? not sure how that works but u got a great product at a killer price i think u will sell a ton at .99, peeps need to see it tho!

    edit: you did come up when i typed texas hold'em in search but you may want to slip "hold em" and "poker" in your description in those forms. The more searches you come up in the better!
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    Hm, it shows up for "poker", "texas", "hold'em", but indeed not for "hold em". I'm probably going to change the description a little bit, since there are no keywords that I can enter separately.

    Thank you all for your appreciation!

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    I think I found a bug: when I close the game and load a saved game again, the blinds reset back to 10-20.

    Also, in a future update, could you add the option for choosing how often blinds are raised? Example:
    1) every time a player is eliminated
    2) every 20 minutes
    3) every X amount of hands

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    paid the .99 cents, and glad i also helped get you a mac to make this game on i hope my game does half as good as yours
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    Yes indeed, the blind reset bug has been reported by another player as well. I have no idea how I could miss to restore these important values

    Detailed blinds setup will probably follow with the next update

    I uploaded some video of the gameplay now.
    [ame=]YouTube - THTouch - AppStore Release[/ame]

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    did you still plan work something out for those of us that donated to you during development?
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