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Thread: Sweet new keyboard on installer...

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    I have keyboards for all firmware versions. And I am making additional keyboards (wood, silver, gold, brass). Eventually, I will transfer keyboards to bigboss repo. But for now, they remain exclusive bonus packages for people who were kind enough to donate and support my work (and it is a lot of work that goes into the themes and keyboards). So if you want keyboards now, please consider a donation.
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    nice stuff armadillo.

    and props to ipirate for making the thread interesting enough to get me to click your link and toss some change yer way!

    keep up the great work.

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    I have installed the keyboard but I am having a problem. The keyboard does not show up in Safari. And moreover, it doesn't show up in the uninstall menu so I can't restore my old one. Could you perhaps help me out on this one?

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    I donated and enjoy your themes, especially the keyboard. I will make another donation once you have the other keyboards available.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

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    I noticed you have a cool new version of the battery (redish) but i only see it for the iPhone... Do you have a version of this for the iPod?


    P.S. Yes people, I am a proud donor of armadillo's fine work!

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    Oh Dear. I knew that the iPod Touch folks would ask for the other battery versions too. Okay, gimme a day or two and I'll make them for the Touch.
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    Heheh... Share the love!


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    is there any limit for minimum donation to get hands on the beautiful bonus packages.
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    Where exactly is the keyboard link in Installer? I donated a while ago, and I've never seen the keyboards for 1.1.2...

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    Luckily you calmed down Armadillo, if not we'll lose a great theme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by armadillo View Post
    It's alright guys. I've calmed down. The keyboard will eventually go public, but only after I have created a few additional ones that will remain exclusive for those who support my work. So I am happy to give out stuff for free but I would also like to reward those who encourage me to continue investing lots of time and skills by their donations. I mean think about it. Every time you go have dinner at a restaurant you tip a waiter for serving you. Yet, when it comes to service provided over the internet, you can't spare a buck... Heck even when you valet park you give more than what you are willing to donate for continuous work on updating themes and file mods...
    Unbelivably true..well said mate. you changed my mind regarding donations....
    Its high time i keep a check on giving tips to waiters now

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    I'll gladly donate. I'm on your page now Armadillo. Is there an amount you seek?

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    First, the keyboard and dialer are in the firmware-specific sources. So the base repository source lists all packages that are universal. To get a list of the firmware-specific packages, you need to install one additional source (you simply install the Source for 1.x.x and then you will see the packages available for that firmware.

    As o the amount of donation. It's completely up to you. I realize that people different financial backgrounds. I really don't care about the amount (as long as it's not 1 cent, yeah I've got those). But anything >$1 is fine with me.
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    Let's continue the discussion in the original thread here:

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