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Thread: [Release]Maps Offline

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    Default [Release]Maps Offline
    i want to introduce my new App, its called Maps Offline, and with it you can browse
    your Maps and Routes offline. I have my whole home-town, Berlin, in my Pocket.
    Its avaible in via BigBoss Repo.
    You can download them with MapThis from i repeat that this is not
    my tool, so the credits goes to the creator of this tool.
    Otherwise you can save your Cache of the iPod

    Its in an early stage of development. If you have any Problems or you find Bugs so pls report them.
    My Homepage is:
    You need JIggy Runtime and Firmware 1.1.3/1.1.4.
    You will find LiveChat with me and an more detailed HowTo.
    Otherwise post your Questions here

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    i have no idea how to use this..

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    I like iLM better...

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    what is iLM?? can some one please help me on how to use this

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    would be awesome if someone could explain how to use this thing it makes no sense to me....

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    Unhappy What a useless post and application (without a decent how-to)
    This would be a very useful app to have on my iphone. However, there is absolutely no documentation on how to do anything! Quite useless as-is.

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    more detailed instructions would be appreciated :-)

    i think it's pretty f'ing rude to call this "useless," though.

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    I love this app. Even though I already have edge, but with this I can load the map much quicker.

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    I would love this app if it was working ! I've tried it 20 or 30 times, and it worked only once !
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    i think this is how it works:

    you go to regular maps app...find directions to somewhere or load a map to a location...then you go bac to mapsoffline, then in filename, type in a name and after you hit return, it saves it as maptiles.sqlitedb (then file size)...and voila, now you have that map saved. If you exit and then come back to the program, then the file name will be what you named it. so then you can select and load that map from mapsonline

    i can't seem to get it to restore though...

    EDIT: Ok, after fooling around a bit...i think i figured it out...the cache is the entire map let's say you wanted the boston would save that as a cache...essentially i think it saves the tiles that you would need to zoom in and out of an area...but that's not what i think most people are looking for...most times you would need directions, which is why you hit the routes in maps you get a set of directions, then you go into mapsoffline, hit routes, then type in the name...then you can load the route. the cache is good for if you get lost along the way, then you can zoom in and out of an area...this is a wonderful app

    some bugs include having to exit and then launch app to see name change
    another bug is that if you load the cachefile, then go to maps, the location is not chosen; for routes, it is
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    Any news if this will be ported to 2.x firmware? This is a super handy app, but I can't get it

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    It is already been long time ago on Cydia for 2.0

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    I tried to download the map of Moscow using "Mapthis/Global map download tool" and kept getting the error message "something not quite right with this page, change to map view" when I was already in map view.

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