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Thread: Chip's Challenge for iPod touch/iPhone

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    Default Chip's Challenge for iPod touch/iPhone

    Thanks to Virtualball's ongoing efforts, we can get our hands on a working (albeit somewhat buggy version) of his iPod touch port today! To be exact, it's actually a port of "Tile World, an 'emulator' for Chip's Challenge," but it's pretty hard to tell the difference. The release notes and download link are below.

    Originally Posted by Virtualball View Post
    Here's the current build. I'm releasing it because we all know how I am with deadlines and keeping with projects... So... have fun!

    When win/lose, need to close and reopen to go to next level/restart
    Help box is a little small, needs to be resized
    Only launches from SSH/MobileTerminal. If you come up with a fix TELL ME!

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    For all that are curious!

    I got the 2.0 beta (obviously can't give links) and I was able to install apps! If you have the SDK all you need to do is download for example (this is what I did) the sample code and then "Build" them. They get installed on the iPod and it works! No $99 fee needed!
    Here are some screenies of me running 2.0!

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    is this application by you?
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    damn dude, kill your sig. christ.

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    ZOMG, this oldie game was sooo fun! I remember it on my old 386!
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    whats the element table you have in your signature is that a new program

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    Actually, I'd like to know what that table is too.
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    i used to have hours of fun at my grandmas house on this game!
    she had it on her computer! only fun thing to do at grandma's!
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    I'll try it next time I see a computer :-/

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