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Thread: [RELEASE] iDope (stable) dopewars for the iphone!

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    i like the changes you made. definatley more challenging. however could you add a gun shop as well (and make the weapons very expensive), to increase our odds against muggers and the police? I believe this was part of the original game as well. Also, could you figure a way to filter out the cheaters in the top score page. There are people with the top score in 2 days! I dont see how this is possible.
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    Yeah, I don't see how people can get to max in two days, but neither in 7 days or less. Not sure what is happening though.

    Gun shop will be on the next release, no worries, and I will try to add in more events as possible ^^.

    Maybe we can add in some loan shark plans as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wahkiz View Post
    Yeah, I don't see how people can get to max in two days, but neither in 7 days or less. Not sure what is happening though.

    Gun shop will be on the next release, no worries, and I will try to add in more events as possible ^^.

    Maybe we can add in some loan shark plans as well.
    Gun shop will be quality! But yeah... I also dont understand how they did it in 7 days or less either... they prob cheated or just extremely lucky with their buys... but even that... I think its almost impossible.

    I mean I'm not a iDope master but if you think about it logically..

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    game modes would be awsome!
    1. 30 day limit.
    2. 90 day limit.
    3. Unlimited (until you die.. like it is now)

    Nicer travel
    if you are in Central park, there should be a photo of central park instead of the map on the travel screen. When you are in the ghetto, there should be a photo of a ghetto and so on. edit: If you add this, you could remove the "welcome to xxx" popup, whitch could be kind of annoying sometimes. Specially when cops or something like that happens because then you cant press the ok button until you press "fight" or "escape"

    The Shop
    Skip the jacket shop and add just a shop. In that shop you could buy:
    - weapons
    - four clover (spelling?) for luck (less mugging/police and more good stuff like finding money and drugs). EXPENCIVE!
    - buy a bigger jacket.

    The Jacket
    you could just upgrade one step at the time. No different upgrades as it is now. you start with 100, to get 125 it costs 10 000. To get to the next step (150) it cost 50 000. Next step (175) costs 100 000. 200 costs 250 000 and so on (the bigger jacket you have, the more it costs to upgrade because its easier to get money). You cant go from 100 to 175. The biggest jacket you can have should be 500, and that should be really really expencive and hard afford.

    some kids are growing weed in their basement
    In the original dopewars, when you travel sometimes you could get a message like "big drug bust, LSD price is sky high" whitch meens that LSD could cost 400-500 instead of like 50-150. Also you could get the message that some kids are growing weed in their basement, whitch meens that the weed price are very low.

    Kill that motherfuc*er
    for the cost of 1/4 of you debt you could hire a hitman to kill the loan shark. Its 50% chans he can finnish the job. You dont get your money back if he fails and the loan shark will get very angry taking 50 life from you and double your dept. You can use the hitman every 10th day.(he needs to rest and heal from the big fight) .

    Local highscore
    Local highscore please . Specially if you add the 30/90 day limit modes where you can finnish the game on the bus.

    a bug:
    Game over you are dead
    Cash on hand: 9447
    Debts: 235793
    Total money earned: -48

    total money earned should be -226346?

    and.... Change "jacket" lable to "streets"?
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    do that and the game will be amazing

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    i would love to have all of these options, it would make it the best game for iphone yet but we should also give some time to wakhiz as he is a one man show but if anyone here is a developer asking for more features then please help wakhiz if possible.
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    we are not this to be applyed over night, its just a list of suggestions for future updates. And yes, it would be great if someone could help him out. 2 are working faster then 1 ^^

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    what up wahkiz... i like the newer release... TWO THINGS THOUGH..... when the cops chase you and catch you it sucks that for example you have 83 units of drugs they drop it down to 33... LASTLY can you broaden the limit of drug prices for example let cocaine go as high as 6000 as well as the other drugs... makes the game more reasonable to pay off the loan shark sooner

    oh sorry i didnt see the suggestions "SMACKJACK" left... i agree totally with him... not saying this to make it seem like the game is bland but different ideas just makes the game THAT MUCH AWESOME... and who's name would be on this popular game????? think about that!!!!

    honestly i think you should start the game off with NO loan shark "THIS LETS THE GAMER HAVE THE ABILITY TO HUSTLE ON HIS OWN IF HE CHOOSES TO"... and have about three different loan sharks to choose from if you decided you wanna use a loan shark... rank them from the lease expensive to very expensive. just like you have it now start us off with 10000 dollars... THATS HOW THE OLD TI84 calculator version was...

    if my ideas are useless PLEASE accept SMACKJACK'S they are cool!!!!

    to add on to the "some kids are growing weed in their basement...."

    say crack prices have bottomed out, which means cocaine will be super cheap... and have one that says big drug bust crack prices are outrageous which means cocaine is selling at an expensive price.

    ....this should be programmed to happen very rarely though, makes the game more interesting than buying cocaine at 2250 and selling it at 4290 ya feel me???
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    First of all, amazing game. and I've seen the bugs others have seen.
    1. Jacket limit does not limit your purchase amounts.
    2. Mugging leaving negative amounts.
    etc. etc.
    I think it's an amazing start and I love it I think the recommendations made by the user on the page before would be cool.

    also I've reached the money limit many times. This is my game plan

    After a while you'll figure out what the low prices are. The key to making back the money to the loan sharks is to make 2-3 transactions in ever place. for instance go to queens sell ketamine and buy cocaine and weed that way you have more but your debt doesnt go up. I've been able to pay off the debt in 5 days or so this way.

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    I maxed out the money limit in about 2 hours. It wasn't very difficult. I stuck to LSD, Cocaine, and Weed. I didn't worry about Speed or Ketamine. I mainly sold Weed in the Ghetto, Cocaine in Brooklyn, and LSD in Central Park. I had the loan shark paid off in about an hour and used the other hour maxing out money (that's with 100 health and the biggest jacket)

    Also, it would be a good feature if you could bribe the cops once you had enough money.

    Also... doesn't work. I've been trying for the past couple days to no avail.

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    Is the latest version available on Installer? just isn't working.

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    awsome game maybe come up with a better payback system for loans

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    bulletproof vests

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    Default Ok well...
    ok well first off, great game.

    But im not understanding why some people think its hard to reach the top score. Ive never played the game before, and i didnt even know about the cheats, and i had the top score in about fifteen minutes.

    The only problem was, (and ive seen this posted several times but it never seems to be addressed). When paying off the loan sharks, the pre-set payment buttons work fine, but as soon as i get down to a number like say 991 dollars, i cant use those, so i attempted to use the specific payment method, and sure the keyboard comes up, but my payments never register, it always comes back as sayin 0 dollars. So, even though i had all the money, technically i couldnt beat the game because i couldnt completely pay off the loansharks...

    Can anyone help me understand why this is happening, and how to fix it?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    I dont get how to play... am I retarted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmericAn View Post
    I dont get how to play... am I retarted?
    Yes, you are retarDed. You buy drugs on the cheap, then sell them for more. Fairly simple.

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    This game is so awesome.

    Great port, it brings back pleasant memories.

    I thank you.

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    i cant get the game to work on my iPhone (2.0.1). CHMOD'd to 775 & 777 with no joy, iDope screen appears then sends me straight back to the home screen. Any help on this would be appreciated!

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    i dont think it has been ported to work on 2.0+ as of yet, correct me if im wrong
    waiting on my iPhone 6+

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    any chance of this getting ported to 2.0 firmware?

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