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Thread: Soft Home Button for iPhone released

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    Is there software for Macs Leopard operating systems or Vista to have a Soft Home Button, installed on my iphone which no longer works

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    this messes up when i restart  03473

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    Does anyone know whether soft home button works for iphone 2.xx?


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    I would love to see a soft-lock app so I don't have to keep hitting the top button. I have an old 2G and that button has begun to get stuck...
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    I too worry about home button wear, I would like to see this app develop. I hope stable version comes out soon. I home button is wiggly!!

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    +1 for a soft home button

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    as for the 'usefulness' of this application:

    it has been a life saver (and especially money saver) to me!!

    My home button does not function anymore and this application has turned my almost useless iphone back into a perfectly usable phone!

    So thanks a 1000 times to the developer!

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    interesting... I hope someone can put this to good use.

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    Hey is this app still alive? And does it work with iphone 3g 2.2? Or is there any other apps like this? I could really use this kind of a app cause my home button is broken


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    Exclamation Pisses me off
    All these people saying "useless app" etc really piss me off. If someone hadn't made this, I'd have to continue completely turning off my iphone and then turning it back on every time I want to use a new program (ie. change from safari to itunes or even just to use my phone).

    iPhone home buttons DO apparently wear out, and to me this app is useful enough that I won't have to spend a couple hundred dollars and lock into a two-year contract (which would cost me a $750 deposit because I can't continue my gophone account with AT&T for the new version of iPhone and my credit is bad) JUST TO HAVE A FUNCTIONAL IPHONE.

    All you people wasting your time commenting on something that you don't have a use for and discouraging developers who are actually doing people with dysfunctional phones a favor really make me sick. I don't even care that this post is a year old.

    Thank you so much to whoever created this!

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    Pointless? Say your home button is malfunctioning. You take it to the macstore, and they tell you your phone has been wet, and liquid damage is not covered by the warranty. But the phone works fine except for the home button... luckily, instead of forking out the cash for a new phone, you find an app for a soft home button! I wouldn't call that pointless, would you?

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    i cant add the source
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    I completely agree!
    I was reading this thread with so much hope because my home button stopped working. But there were so many posts complaining about the app. Why do people complain if it's not relevant to them?

    I think it's a fantstic idea.

    Now, please, where is the source? I can't seem to locate it from the quotes above...

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    I have a 3g on 3.0 in which the home button is not working. I was able to upgrade the phone by taking the phone apart and jumping the home button contacts. I ssh'ed the ClickOnce app onto the phone. It shows up, and when I hit the app, it acts as the home button. But no button shows up when I am in any other app. So, so far, not working.

    BTW, I just ordered a replacement home button flex cable / ribbon.

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    I found a workaround for my earlier problem. Install sbsettings and add clickonce to the dock. Its annoying to just press the home button: swipe, dock, clickonce. But it works. I think mQuickDo is another app that may help/

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    anyone know the source for this app? or if it works on the 3.0 firmwares?????

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    Default morons
    Quote Originally Posted by compnerd88 View Post
    Almost seems.....pointless?

    The hard button is there for a reason...its the only button on the face of the iphone.....if you become too lazy to press it....please send your iphone to me lol

    It is funny how if a app is not something you find useful then it becomes useless to everyone. You are an idiot. Wait until you are one of the 10K plus people who have broken the home button on their phone.

    My phone is out of warranty and the home button broke. When I opened it up I found it was from a worn copper contact that had broken off. I can order the part for 45 dollars or download this app (which is free) and fix an old iphone.

    You may find some comfort in the fact that after reading all of the comments you are not the only complete moron out there.

    I was not able to add this source or find the app. After reading about 5 pages of this blog I moved on. Because there are so many people with this issue though might I suggest this.

    mQuickDo??the bread and butter for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Hope this helps. My home button is broke as well!

    or just do a search for mquickdo in Cydia or Rock.
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    what is the app called in iphone cake?
    i'm on the site and cannot find it and there are over 300 pages of apps.
    i was hoping to use the app as a replacement for my home button which is unresponsive.
    please help.
    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by iBlade View Post
    Yes, a Soft Home Button for iPhone has been released by IPhone Cake.

    This is the source: this is the source for all apps this one is for english apps

    I installed it on my 1.1.3 and it is working fine, no more pressing the home button and wearing it out, not that I heared of any worn home buttons yet.
    You can move it anywhere on your springboard. It does however position itself in the top left corner after you respring. You could just leave that position blank on all your springboard pages. You can not click through it of course. I do like it allready very much. I am uploading the icon cause that's all you see anyway plus the whole app for anybody that want's to install it manually. Enjoy, I am

    It does overlay the soft home button on all your open apps. You could also, as seeing the button on everything, just make the button transparent and put it in an corner and you get a hot corner. Or put it dead middle of the screen, cause most apps have some buttons on corners or near by. But if you put it dead center could actually work for most apps.

    And if you feel I helped, please hit the thanks button.

    This is the app I'm looking for since water wrecked my home button- but I can't open it in "Safari". Do I need to jailbreak- or what??


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    Quote Originally Posted by HaAlexander View Post

    This is the app I'm looking for since water wrecked my home button- but I can't open it in "Safari". Do I need to jailbreak- or what??

    Yes, you will need to jail break to take full advantage of your phone. Apps like the ones you see in these forums are NOT available in the apple app store.

    Now jail breaking is. Whole other story. Look into the iPhone modding/jailbreaking section if you are interested in taking "the plunge."

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